What Cant Hear You I Have Water In My Ear! -.-

When I was little I got a lot of ear infections due to so much swimming. My brother and sister didnt get them but I ALWAYS got them everytime I swam I loved swimming and I took swimming lessons so I put up with the pain. But it was anywhere with water including the shower, bath, water park, pool and beach. I got them so much they concidered putting tubes in my ear at a very young age. But the procture wasnt done. But I hate the feelings of getting water in your ear and not being able to get it out no matter how much you turn your head to the side trying to get it out. When I was done swimming I usually woke up in the middle of the night with pain in my ear and would cry from the pain. My mom would take me to the doctors everytime for the same problem but the answer never changed. I heard the words you have an ear infection..... The doctors would do the same routine putting the ear scope in my ear and saying my ear was red yada yada yada....... Same thing everytime. My parents got to the point where they didnt even take me to the doctor because they knew what it was and had plenty of ear medication. What frustrates me is the ear infection is caused by water and the medicine that is supposed to help you are drops..... Liquids?????? Wouldnt that make things worse??? I didnt like the feeling of water in my ear to begin with lets add more ugh..... I put up with the medicine that barly worked. I could barly hear anything I would yell because I couldnt hear very well lol. I was scared I was going deaf! I started using earplugs during swimming lessons it helped a little but I still got ear infections from time to time. I outgrew them thank goodness but to this day I still cant stand the feeling of water in my ear even though now it comes out instead of going in my ear resulting into an ear infection! I just dig into my ears with Qtips that usually gets the water to come out. Or it flushes out but I feel and hear the water in my ear until the water comes out.
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oh ya mine never got infected but they always hurt from being filled with water! i loved to swim and still do but now im a j lifegaurd lol