Dont Like It

After all the years it still hasnt gotten any easier or better to feel. I really rather not get yelled at. It will just upset me, and I am not good to be upset
Arorin Arorin
22-25, M
44 Responses Jul 15, 2010

you never know.

Liking how you stink? Haha, I don't know about that.

unless you ended up liking it...

Well, you'd really have to stink to cause me a lot of pain. x]

dont be so sure!

But your pain would last longer!

so we both have to suffer then!

Why not?!

hmm... i might not shower then!

Hehehe, well, it's either that or your nether region. x]

not mah face!

Punch... your face? x] Haha, I don't know, but I'd try!

what would you do huh?

I'd totally fight you!

hmm maybe!

>_< You wouldn't dare...

I might!

You wouldn't do that!

lol okay then! but if you yells at me i mights just half to!

Hahaha, well, let us not try that trick. x]

no promises..

As long as it doesn't stink....

i dunno maybe it would work? maybe i have a magic armpit that will make you happy!

And why would you do that to me? Are you saying I'm a chicken?!

Well there are two tricks. One is if you put its head under your armpit it will fall asleep, and the other is if you mark its nose with a marker it will not move ever again until it is wiped off.

And what is it?

oh that lol.. no that isnt it. There is a different trick.

I am not sure, but i do remember you telling me something about your brother and a chicken chasing him... or something like that.

lol do you even know what it is?

>_< I don't think you should do that.

I might have to see if the chicken trick works on you then.

I can get loud and a lot of really bad language will be making its way out of my mouth. It's good not to get me mad.

id hate to get yelled at by ally! i bet you can get pretty loud!

Haha, it is!

sounds like some pretty good logic right there!

Hmm, I yell when I get mad, so I guess if you don't want me to yell at you, don't make me mad.

you have snowballs?

I did alot. Just snowballs suck. *debates changing avi*

didnt do nothing today huh?

Everything yet utterly nothing. Ya know those kind.

what happened?

Bad day I guess. Yeah I know.

-_- such a sap... why the sad face this time?

:( *hugs*