Ghetto = Rude And Ignorant

First day at my job and every single person who gave me a problem was GHETTO with a capital G.

Don't they realize how dumb they act by having an attitude before they even reach the register? Dumb *****.

And they always act so self-entitled, like everyone owes them something and the rules can be bent just for them.



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true. They are so insecure and don't come to work.Just look for trouble from the more confident black or spanish person not into their stupidity. It's called work. They never come to do just that. Then they bring people after you cause cowards when you confront the trouble they are looking for. Waiting outside work for you or to come into the store saying "indirect" threat comments. The ghetto scared cowards can never handle their problem themselves ontop of their invincible hardcore attitiude they just are trying to mess you with to make themselves feel good cause they feel inferior and your not even paying them me i know how you feel

Sometimes it's not even about race or where you are from: I know a lot of white women who "try " to act ghetto, because they think that what attracts black men and infact , it's the exact opposite. I guess it's all about what seems cool at the time with them. The only time i get ghetto is when someone is trying to take advantage of me and I rarely let that happen.

Not ALL Ghetto people are dumb. MANY of them ARE, however, RETARDED. FACT.

**** YOU not everyone living in the ghetto is a peice of ****. Some them had no choice, like me, because of the dumb decisions their parents made. But guess what? I'm not stupid, or arrogant. At my age of 14 I'm at a grade twelve level. **** YOU AND YOUR BIASED OPINIONS.<br />
******* RICH *****> <br />
( don't always swear like they , but you've really pissed me off. )

this is website where people can express themselves. don't be angry, but educate. Give her a piece of information that change her mind.

When you say "they" , who do you mean?