Why The Pretentious Pronunciation?

She grew up in flippin California!  Last time I checked Californians didn't say free-tah-tah.  And why is the accent only applied to food?  She doesn't say Napoli.  She says Naples.  Why not Italia or Roma?  Has anyone noticed the bizarre claw she forms when she's desperately searching for a description of the food she's making?  It's like the director yells "Cue the claw!"  She has the vocabulary of special needs child.  Everything is crispy, crunchy, sweet, juicy, meaty, light or tender.  Someone get the Bratz doll thesaurus.  Anyone mention that she's a PASTRY chef?  That's what she studied in Paris.  I like some of her recipes but it's so damn painful to watch.  And don't get me started on her creepy seemingly serial killer husband that very closely resembles a Galapagos tortoise.  I'd like to stab her through the eye with a #2 pencil.
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12 Responses Aug 3, 2010

Thank you Thank you. Thank you. You said it all and so well. Lmao

I'm laughing and crying! Couldn't figure out exactly what I disliked about her, thank you for distilling it down for me!

LOL I love this post! Hilarious!

Its so good. Nice and crispy. That's all she said. Enuff!

I laughed so hard...I couldnt stop when I read this response...I personally forgot about the "claws"...I didn't even know why I hated it so much when she closes her eyes and "claws"... She is just so queer...is she proud of her teeny tiny little cleavage or something?

omg I'm peeing in my pants. This is comedy.

Come on people, did you forget about Mozzarella? You're not speaking Italian B****! You're speaking English. Good Googa Mooga! I can't stand hearing her over accentuate the names of Italian ingredients. Oh, and BTW big head. I've seen sharks with less teeth!!!

AMEN! I'm roaring right now. I was ok with her until watching her on Next Food Network Star. She's a total hypercritical crotch to all of the contestants. Talk about a rude, egotistical, narcissist. And I absolutely HATE the way she pronounces salsa verde.

BLESS YOU PEOPLE! i always hated when i see her making that CLAW! also if she's stirring, she holds sometimes her unused hand hanging alla Cher, WITH THE CLAW IN PLACE! i showed my son, (he's adult ok) look at this crazy B...! her hand help as a claw...oh boy, so much bothers me about her, i'm glad all of you see it too...then when she waits for her stupid husband to take a bite asking do you like it do you like it...even when she went hiking with him and "packs a gourmet lunch" to eat 20 min away from her house HAHA<br />
GIADA HOW OH HOW I HATE THEE...let us count the many ways..BIMBO!

I love how every cooking implement is "little". "I'll just give it a little stir. I'll just have a little (ridiculously huge) bite." There must be a puke pot behind the counter so she can maintain her Auschwitz figure. There's no way someone with a bowling ball head & weighs 65 lbs is actually DIGESTING the 6 bites a day. She has a pretty face & I get the feeling her hair could be nice but her "stylist" is totally screwing with her. I still believe her husband is a serial killer.

Also, did you ever notice that whenever she adds an ingredient, it's just to give it a "kick?" God, she ****** me off so much!

OMG...you are freakin hilareous!!!! LOVE IT!