Can't Stand To Watch Giada

I cannot stand to watch Giada or hear her speak.  Her freakishly large head, disproportionately small body, oddly narrow shoulders, little midget arms, constant cleavage, big hair with a big forehead to match, her posture and mannerisms,  her all-the-same-cut blouse wardrobe ....  and then she opens her mouth!  The fake accent, the over-exaggeration of unimportant words like "salt" or "stove", the overall actress persona.  Oh, hell no, I must turn the channel immediately. 

All that notwithstanding, if she could cook, I probably won't bother to hate her.  But, the fact is that I have never found a recipe of hers that I would want to make.  Even on, where I look-up recipes all the time, and where I could get a Giada recipe without having to watch her or hear her, I can't see that she makes anything worthwhile.  I think I saw her make cheese stuffed olives wrapped in prosciutto once, which sounds good, but I don't need a recipe to make that.

Anyway, I just turn the channel rather than continue seething as I watch.   I hate the times when I'm in the grocery check-out line, and I cannot escape her big huge head smiling at me from a magazine cover.  Ugh. 
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Nice to pick on someone's genetics.

True story: I met Giada at a Food Show where we were showcasing an incredible company's Gelato.
Food Network showcased our booth.
Giada "gushed" over our gelato while the cameras were rolling and was riducuoulosly complimentary and fake with her, "Oooh! It's sooo crrerrreamy!" type exclamations.
As soon as the cameo was complete and the cameras were shut down, Giada dramatically exclaimed, "Uughhhh! Someone get me some water, now! Too sweet! Uggh!"
I smiled as I watched the "Princess" disappear into the crowd without so much as a thank-you or acknowledgment of the owners who were beside her in the cameo.
She showed her genuine colors that day. Not. A. Fan.

Apologies for a couple of spelling errors:-)

Oh my god...this woman infuriates me like no other on TV. I am so glad I'm not alone in my great hatered for Giada! The way she says "chrunch" like "crunssshh" and curls her fingers....ugh it makes my skin crawl. Not only that but that definitely. Her food is sub-par at best and I find her presence on TV totally unnecessary!

In my circle we call her, giada " I have cleavage! " de laurentis and none of us consider her areal italian cook cause- like a religion- Italians never waste food( she,like so many of food network cooks throw perfectly good food like egg yolks away) nor does she know what to do with Swiss chard- an Italian food sacrament for sure). She throws the ribs away! Also "la cleavage" is over the top with makeup and low cut tops.She would be better off in a show like thr real housewives of Malibu if there was such a thing I can't stad her-

and sHould I add that unfortunate mouth-- someone on the network must have told her to smile more as she grins idiotically at the blender or stove and then whe she isno well liked. this pretentious twit is such a prima Donna! I cantwatch her any more,

I saw those teeny t rex arms the first time I flipped past her show. That unctuous <br />
little dwarf! I hate her even more than Rachel Ray and her sanpaper voice.

Why doesn't she just take off her blouse and show it all since she leaves nothing to the imagination? Obviously she has some issues going on in that bobble head. I no longer watch her show because I just can't get past the fake smile, the fake accent when pronouncing Italian foods, and the constant showing of cleavage which wiggles when she cuts food or mixes in a bowl. By the way, have you noticed the bags forming under her eyes? She won't age gracefully and I'm sure plastic surgery will be next.