She's So Fake

I LOVE the food network and know every single person on there, but there's just something about Giada De Laurentiis that ****** me off. I mean, she's so fake. She takes these huge bites of her food and all I can think is, look, we all know you're just going to throw that up later. Not to mention, she pretends to be incredibly in the know. Yeah right, she probably steals all her tips from the awesome Barefoot Contessa lady. You know that lady's just way to nice to say NO when Giada asks how to cook.

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Well, I think she is pretty although she does have annoying statements and gestures. Her pronunciations are absurd. I know a few who were born in Rome (as she was) and do NOT say "spaGEEETti". Or "pour a little SOSS over it". Ugh....I just want to throw a brick at the tube.
About the cleavage....I remember many years back when Alton Brown was doing a "Next Food Network Star" show and he admonished a contestant for showing LESS cleavage, ONCE, that Giada does on a daily basis.WTH?? I actually dont mind what she wears, how big she smiles...she is a beautiful woman but the badly exaggerated pronunciations make me cringe and why is it ok for her to show boob and the contestant got nailed for it?

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My sister knew Emeril personally. She said he was very shy. They are all fake for the shows.

And yet, Giada is the Cordon Blu grad

I do not "know"Giada personally, so I would not say that I "hate"her.
She enjoys a lot of success as a chef that an "airhead"would never have achieved. She is beautiful and well spoken. She has/had a beautiful family. I think that at times, she could dress more modestly (for the show), and she can save her sexier styles for a more appropriate time.
As far as these comments go, you people are all jealous and tearing down another person like this is indicative of something insecure within yourselves. If you don't like her, then don't watch her. Period.

My husband and I watch Food Network everyday but Giada is supposed to cook, show us some of her recipes and tips but instead all I see are her boobs and her big mouth that five sausages can get stuck in - everyone else dresses appropriately - please, this channel is supposed to be wholesome and not about show-off pornish Giada... I'm really begging, please. (And then you pair her with Bobby Flay who's also getting divorced...seriously, can it get any worse? Again, this is not a prom channel.)

for you to ever describe giada's outfits as pornish really shows that you are sick in the head. she rarely wears anything even remotely revealing. and then to talk about bobby flay getting divorced and say food network is turning into a **** channel just solidifies the fact that you must be off your meds. what channel are you watching? you are prolly mad because your husband doesnt touch you so he probably has to get off to giadas "five sausage" mouth.

I agree with all of the above: Her big teeth, bobblehead, "fake" congenitality masking obvious insecurity, her over exaggeration on the pronouncations of food terms... "pahn'chetta." I tried giving her a chance, but trying to watch her cook is like trying to watch Anne Hathaway "trying" to act.

She needs AA before she starts off on any other project. Go be a mommy right now. I remember her with her with matt Lauder on today's show drunk in Bora Bora scenes and throughout the week. And thanksgiving debacle on food network..what a joke (who cuts their finger....ummm drunks)..take a lot of time off giada girl...put down the baking mitts and walk away. You look like your on a course to self destruct. Come back when you don't have to open your mouth so big. And seriously your boob job was great but did you need to push it in our faces when we were starting to get interested in your recipies?? Our family jokes about it when we see your very early shows run, well, Lol. Like. BAM. But it did take away from the large head

I agree with all of you, she's very annoying to watch. I hate her specially when she's a guest judge ,she's so harsh, like have you forgotten when you started out. Rachel is up there in the same list, everything is cheese with Rachel , her voice cannot stand.!

I find the fake smile creepy! I'm normally a nice person but I just find Giada to be fake!


Awesome recipes? You have to be kidding, right? I was a chef in a very popular Manhattan restaurant for 12 years before I began to teach and I can tell you that her recipes are some of the worst on the Food Network.

Giada was wonderful in the beginning. So was Rachel. They were real people. What you saw was who they were. Unfortunately when people are successful their heads swell.
My beef is Giada's claim that she developed Lemon Spagh
etti. How come I had the exact dish at the River Cafe in London years before anyone had ever heard of Giada!!!

You mean that's a smile??? I thought she had lock jaw!!!

Every time I see her and her ridiculously huge smile, the song barracuda starts playing in my mind, cuz she's ALL TEETH! She's super fake and ridiculously skinny. Whoever made that comment about bringing Nadia back on is completely right!! I loved her show and miss seeing her shoes and kitchen!! But I'm with everyone there's just something about Giada that's fake and snobby! I just don't like her!

I agree. She really became fake... Her breast enhancement and certain Italian words pronounced then there is the overtly wide mouth you expect on a cheerleader. What a disappointment. She should be so embaressed from last thanksgiving special. I turned it off early because it was clear she was drunk and they need to rethink a return for her.... No knives at least

I thought I was the only one annoyed with how Giada presents herself. The first thing I noticed was the cleavage bit. I can't see how Food Network approves of her to wear revealing clothing like that on a COOKING show! I agree with a lot of you on here such as her being too fake, poppin food in her mouth like we're all supposed to get excited over it, how she uses "kind of" when she's doing something exactly not "kind of", like when she's spooning food onto a plate she'll say "kind of spoon it into the plate here" (so annoying), also the thing I've come to be really annoyed with is how she does a goofy little dance with her eyes closed after she spoons food into her mouth like she's actually enjoying it.

Bring back Nadia G and her Bitchin' Kitchen!!

Seriously!! I loved her and her show!!

She was cool! And rocked some great recepies

im surprised u like her, i found her worse than giada.

I HATE how she always talks with her mouth mull! That's disgusting! And she always acts like she is having sex with that food! Gross! Her husband never really looks all that interested!

Usually when she takes the second bite, they go to a commercial. Lol

This is hilarious! I admit like someone mentioned: She's like a car crash--bad to look at, but I can't stop watching (only because I like her clothes).I'm summing up 10 things I agree with and also find annoying about her.
1.Utterly pretentious (I stood 2+hours in line for her book signing, after which I was utterly disappointed when it was my turn and the FAKE vibe I got tasted bitter!!)
2.Prounouncing Italian food words with a. Wannabe-Italian-accent doesn't make her or her food any more exotic.
3. Adding olive oil (which she always says is" fruity"??),ricotta,proscuitto,marscapone,spaghetti, and fettucine does not an Italian dish make! Just because you add soy sauce,sesame seeds, andbok choy doesn't make everything Asian either (eye roll!)
4.Her head IS big. Her smile IS not attractive.
5.Cover that cleavage --shes a mom. This is a cooking show, not ****.
6.I lost faith in her naturality on camera when I saw a behind the scene video where her producers even scripted her to put a ladle down then crack the egg into the pan "like this" they said.
7.She seems patronizing/condescending to guests on her show:When her aunt Raffe is on, she makes uncalled for comments and faces like her aunt isn't hip enough for her rented LA kitchen stage. She treats people like morons; like they don't know how to zest lemons or pour pasta into a bowl or chop basil. Umm, an idiot can do that; shes by far not a culinary expert just because she does the above.Also, she Always has to make some comment about her guests in a way that she's making fun of them or is better than them or to make them look incompetent cooking.
8.Olive oil is NOT "fruity"!Arugula is NOT "licorice/spicy"-tasting!
9.She is obviously a "perfectionist". Likes things to look nice, pretty, and perfect...Even how she salt/peppers food. I'd much prefer REAL chefs like Anne Burrel who aren't afraid to get the kitchen dirty and DON'T have to be uber prim&proper with cooking mannerisms. G looks like she's afraid to get anything dirty.
10. When she lost to Rachael Ray on Iron chef, the look on her face screamed: But I'm prettier, with big boobs, *I* shouldve won!"

(I just wonder what she looks like without makeup. Hmm...)

Right. They mustve also told her to bare all her teeth when she smiles. The boobs r for ratings.

Ya but...she's reDICulously over grinning. Back molars are really nice, yes we see them

OMG I hate how she over pronounces all Italian foods, it's annoying and ****** me off more than anything! She's just awful!

There's nothing italian about Giada DeLaurentis

I feel awful making any bad comments about anyone. However, when I watched her in the early years, I appreciated how she was so raw when doing her show but also humility was clearly there. NOW? I'm completely shocked that Food Network finds her behavior on any show, even NFNS to be appropriate. Agree, the breasts should be covered. The fake Italian accent, gone. She recently opened a restaurant in Vegas. My friend had dinner there last night. They only ordered the light bites because the entrees were too spicy for them. That's fine. The decor she said was nice. The prices? Out of hand. And it's not like she's there doing any of the cooking. Couldn't she have just quit when she was ahead? I have a grave feeling she's in for a big fall. Celebrity chefs in general earn their status, because they can cook. Anne can cook. Alex can cook. Amanda can cook. Rachel? Yes, I guess some things she makes are okay. Keep watching FN and one day we may see Giada forced to drink a glass of humility and hope this takes her down several notches.

Did anyone catch the new show where they are in Vegas and she tells the person describing the food in the contest "No one is going to understand those words". Like we are all MORONS I thought, "oh no, she didn't really say that now did she?"

Lol. Her head is really big. We always noticed that. I wouldn't watch her cook really but just examine the head..... Lol

not tryin to be a douche but olive oil is called fruity by many to discribe its floral taste

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She is a fake. And the biggest annoying thing she does with me is "Perfect". The most over used word on all food network shows. But hers is always perfect. Of course after 30 takes and 40 cooks, its going to be perfect. (and photo shopped.)

I cant stand how she starts to salivate over the food and you can hear her producing more saliva and she shows every tooth in her head when she pronounces anything with the ee sound in it,,,,and she has the ugliest hands and always spreading her fingers like she is going to claw you

Look, I don't care for Giada much but what you people are saying is just cruel. I doubt you'd tell her she "has a huge head" and "creepy smile" in person, so why say it here? And as for saying she throws up after every show is just garbage. You have no proof of that, so stop stating it like a fact. There is such a thing as working out and eating small portions. Why would she be a cook if she didn't eat food? You guys make no sense.

Cruel? Aside from the "she probably throws everything up" comment, they aren't saying anything that is not true. As for your comment about nobody would ever say that to her face, you my dear, are completely wrong, I would LOVE to tell her what a pretentious boob she is

Besides the FAKE pronunciations, and friggin cleavage... not to mention that she (and most of the cooks on tv) have to TALK WITH THEIR MOUTHS FULL and its nothing short of DISGUSTING and gross.

HAHAHA I\'m so glad someone agrees with me about the cleavage. It is almost every shirt she wears has to show it. IT IS SOO ANNOYING! When I watch a cooking show I want to watch cooking NOT Giada\'s cleavage in the way of the food. Please food network MAKE her cover her little taa taa\'s!!!!!

She and Bobby Flay are the fakiest people on foodnetwork but the last two standing. I don't get it.

Seriously her and Bobby seem snobby and full of themselves

She has gotten on my nerves with "Isn't that pretty?" and every time she says something like Ricotta that fake Italian accent comes out. I am tired of being talked down to as if I were an idiot so now I have given up watching her show.

Not to mention the way she talks makes my skin crawl. Her head is huge and she has the biggest mouth I've ever seen on a human. She needs to put her boobs away when she cooks too. And by no means in my opinion is she a chef....

I never knew someone could have a "rectangle smile". Her fake, pretentious smile - is it even a smile? or perhaps an evil glare. And I've seen it on her..... there is nothing sincere or likeable about her yet Food Network continues to appease her. Why is this? We can all see through her... also, this woman simply cannot cook! I repeat - she CANNOT COOK! I can remember the network wasting air time on her for a 1/2 hour show where she made three things and one of them was cupcakes - FROM A BOX - and adding mascaropine icing. REALLY? From a box? Here is my bony body with my oversized head, my grandpa is famous (?) and the world owes me. I'm absolutely disgusted by this fake person

I think the word you are looking for is "jack-o-lantern."

Who is her grandpa?

She has an over large head early shoes reflect that. It was hard to watch cooking cause of her head size

I dont think anyone is jelous of her. I just think everyone see's what they see. What i see is a very pretty girl. But i must admit that that huge smile can get annoying. Everyone says she has such a huge head, i never noticed that. She is very annoying with her stupid accent and her baby talk with how yummy and pretty everything is.But i must admit that i do love when she has very low cut shirts on. Has anyone else ever noticed that one day her boobs are huge and the next day they are small?

I am rolling laughing at the comments posted. Giaaaaadaaa is so annoying. She really grates on the nerves and it is freaky how all her bottom teeth show when she smiles. That must take strong facial muscles but I am sure her pronunciation exercises help her build up those muscles "just like that"

These comments are making me laugh out loud. I'm glad I'm not the only one bothered by her. I can't stand how she smacks her food when she's tasting it. It's truly disgusting. Also, she describes everything in terms of crunch or creamy, that's it. She really needs to expand her vocabulary. I also can't stand the way she laughs with her mouth wide open just to show all her teeth-blech. The fake accent is really annoying as well. Just pronounce it how you would pronounce it without the fake accent. Does she think it's impressing anyone? It just sounds ridiculous.

Giada is just creepy. She has this huge head and little body and she is always smiling and talks through her teeth.... Ugh.

I read in Paula Deen's book (although she didn't specifically mention her name - just hinted) that Giada does indeed spit out her food or throw up after her shows.<br />
<br />
She has shark teeth and she gets on my nerves because she's so skinny and "cute", and I find it amusing that her camera man always focuses on her cleavage.<br />
<br />
I REALLY can't stand Bobby Flay though. <br />
<br />

I knew it! They always cut away after she takes two bites! I swear she's spitting!

I thought I was the only one who can't stand this woman!!! Her fake big smile!! why she has to show that many teeth? If she is so classy why she talks with her mouth full of food the way she does it? it makes me wanna puke!! Fake-fake!!! I hate the way she says golden and everything is "elegant". I can't stand her.

Ya that mouth just opens to say a word. Which is weird that all the teeth have to show...who encouraged that look?

Cruuunchy yuuuuummy lettuce. Criiisspy, Creeeeeamy and full of light and delicious flavor! (Insert her constant hand geastures and hyper smile here) This is something they do in Italy where I know everything about, the mozzzzzerella and the rissssoto. Let me taste this right out of the bowl as I glance at the camera and smack my lips and moan about how delicious and yummy it is. Oh, let's take this outside my beachfront home where I constantly feel the need to entertain my equally fake friends and have a big to-do about how the lemon zest perfumes this particular dish.

Giada De Laurentiis is everything wrong about marketing pretention instead of substance. Its good that there are real people out there that are also able to see thru this nonsense. And I am a guy who loves boobs. this short armed woman with the bad accent is ruining the art of cooking for so many of us. Honestly she should just be a ******** and I would be able to forgive and understand her purpose much better.

Most of you on here are just flat out JEALOUS of her! She's beautiful and can cook. That is a very rare combination. Don't hate on her because she is a hotty.

you got me, I'm SO jealous of her. I can cook like a mother ******, have boobs 3 times her size, and I'm pretty damn good looking. The reason I can't stand her couldn't POSSIBLY be that she is just ridiculously that couldn't be it

I would like to be the judge of that. 😊

Oh wow, that's funny about her sister. You guys have ruined me. I won't be able to watch her now, and her phrasing will be all I will notice.

Hate when she says parmasan (- o). And because of her, I officially hate the words "great crunch". Btw, yeah, she's a puker.

The ***** always has to show her cleavage.. it's gross! if I want to watch a cooking show, I don't want to be distracted by her over the top ego, her cleavage and her big fat teeth.. She's a *****..

I hate everything about her, especially her huge head. That Biyatch was given everything and hogged it all for herself with no blessings left for anyone else. I think all her food is gross, I would never ever try any of her recipes.

When she invited her aunt on the show, she was condescending and being sarcastic to her aunt and talking over her. Cudnt share the spotlight. (And not smiling as much LOL). She cud take a lesson from Lydia on conducting a good show with guests.

I think she's the best. She's cute and is always in a good mood. Oh yea, and she likes to cook with her boobs sticking out. what's not to like? total hotness

She looks like a snobby bobble head. I thought it was funny when she was on Oprah and made something grosss and you could tell Oprah didnt like it. I cant stand Giada!!

She's a fake! Why must she always refer to how "they" (including herself in that) do it in Italy. She was born in Italy and before the age of two, her parents brought her and that big head to the US where she remains today! She is very inappropriate in the way she tastes food. It makes me want to vomit!

Thank you StayingSlightly!! Ever heard her say Speeegggetti or Paaaasta or FEETACHENI? If she says cccrrruchy, cccrrrusty or crrreamy one more time I am going to ccclllooppper her! Interesting her sister was on the other day and has NADA "accent"...what the hell!???!!!! Get real GAAAAA-DAAAA

oh my freaking god

ok just testing to see if that worked... cant be bothered to sign up right now.... but had to shre..... jesus she's annoying but its like a car crash...i sometimes look for her on tv when i get home from work.... her it super fake or is she actually that person??? if she says ...''to make it more special'' or ''yummy'' once more i will scream.

the WORST thing is how she narrates action by action...''so what i do is.... i just put these right on the baking dish....just because im gonna toast them in the oven.... and nowwwww.(smile, smile smile...with ALL teeth) i place htem in the oven.... just like this.....'' WE CAN SEE *****.

fakest and most talentless person ive ever seen. i love cooking shows...but it only works with a sure her food is good but... get a personality.... please....

Giada does get on my nerves when she exagerrates her italian. Mozarrrrrrrrrrrelllllllllllllla. I also hate how she parades around Milan with her boyfriend on their scooters and shows everyone what romance and class is. Please. Pampered little prima dona. While on the subject, I liked Bobby Flay more when he played Ralph Malph on Happy Days.

Whew! I saw only the story title and thought I was in trouble! <br />
<br />
I like Paula Deen best... Southern cookin' w/ a stick of butter in EVERYTHING! <br />
<br />
From the lips to the hips!

Btw...she has boobs?

Lol g9, just because you said boobs three times in one sentence, I automatically love you! :D

OMG How can anybody hate Giada with her gorgeous teeth and not to speak of her Boobs , boobs oh yeah boobs well how can you hate that ?

It shud be called the 'Boob Show.' Soft **** on cooking channel. So, how did she get into the cooking business anyway?

LOL yay! You're my favorite Copper!

well sweet.. she's cute but your way cuter, so get on that food network and put that ***** in the poorhouse.. boooyah!

LOl I'm sooo glad that people are agreeing with me! And are forever out of my circle if I ever hear that agaiN!!! Lol

but she's cute.. lol