Giada Is So Annoying

So i thought i was the only one who thought all this of her but now i know that im not alone. She is so annoying every word she says shes smiling i hate her stupid smile. She also chews with her mouth open and talks while chewing. O and i hate how she puts so much emphazis on words like really she says reaaaally and beautiful she says beauuuuutifuul and also in italian words like mozzarella i hate it when she says that and pancetta and other italian words. Has anyone noticed how when she says the texture of things she uses her hands in the most stupidest way ever i dont even know how to explain it shes so annoying. I have many other things but I dont want to make this so long but i also always have to eat a snickers when im watching her since shes always making things with chocolate o and her love for chocolate chips is annoying. Im so glad i found this group of people who feel the same way I do and I can express myself.
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18-21, F
1 Response Jan 23, 2013

I'm with of20! Thought I was just being hateful but each time I try to like her I get even more angry about her rediculous over exaggerated hand gestures and pronunciation! What is wrong with her?????