I love food network but cant stand her show . She is annoying ,stupid and fake . We expect to see a good chef not an actress.

radmanesh radmanesh
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The fact that she is a size -0 proves she doesn't even eat pasta all the time and I HATE that when she says an Italian word she uses an exaggerated italian accent to pronunciation it, sooooo annoying!! The way she says pasta makes me turn the channel every time. I think I can handle it and I just can't. Pasta, pasta, pasta.......ugh.


do you mean that cunny clown who says everything is so ******* italian all the time? i wanna **** her with a glowing red tire iron and rip all her ******* insides out...cause its so simple

her trauma comes from having failed at acting, her granpa tried to hook her up, they told him sorry she can't act...but now she IS acting the whole time...and it's unbearable unless you're an airhead yourself...or a Christian helper as the one offense, i support Judeo-Christian values but we're discussing our opinion of a bimbo, get out of here go help the homeless..!

The cleavage just bugs me like she knows that it all she has. I am so sick of her saying "and this is so simple..." We know it's simple, cause you can't cook b#tch!! Why do you even have a cooking show when you mis three things with pasta and act like you're a genius!?

Yes, but she has nice boobs and she smiles like she's going to come across the counter and get me.