Girlfriends That Are Not Affectionate

The reason why I don't like girlfriends that are not affectionate is because I met this girl and she was really interested in hanging out with me.  We started dating within a week of hanging out.  She was wonderful, we were very very affectionate for the first year.  She changed one month.  She stopped taking anti-depressants and started taking other medications for other issues. 

All of the sudden I am ignored, she turns into this existing husk of what my girlfriend used to be.  She used to laugh a lot, and do fun activities, hug me, hold me when we slept, kiss me often and tell me she loved me.  But I barely get a peck in the morning before we both head off for work.

So this has gone on for months.  So a few months ago I left for a week to clear my head.  All I wanted to to was leave her because of the pain of being rejected and in my head, I was living with my old fun soulmate of a girlfriend (what she used to be like the first year)

I have never met anyone that has matched me so well before.  She is beautiful, although she doesn't think she is because she gained weight with the medications.  She started coming around and acting more alive when I asked her if she would change back to a medication that she used before that only helped her a little bit with her issue.  She has come back about 80% of herself now.

The problem now is she only gives me affection of any sort in a mild way and anything more is maybe once a month.

The story is deeper than what I portray but the details contained in here are pretty revealing as it is.

I love her deeply but I find myself regularly disappointed in her desire to love me.  It hurts and I have told her it hurts.  She closes up and will not talk if I bring it up.  I want to move out but I cannot at this time because I am trying to sell my house and until it is sold I am stuck. 

I guess I am looking for a way to gain patience until my house sells and the other problem I have right now is that I don't want to be alone.  Does anyone out there know how to overcome being alone?

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1 Response Jan 7, 2007

Being alone can be turned into a good thing - it gives a person a chance to learn to love themselves. When we learn to love ourselves, we attract people who love us. I've now been alone for 9 years and chose that. It has been rough and very lonely but very beneficial to me. I think I'm attracting more of what I want in my life.