I Really Hate This!!

Now I'm 16, but I'm kinda romantic xD, but passionate of course, I hate when a girls flirts on me, because i feel desired, not loved, or liked, just desired,

the go on saying, Hi handsome, perfect boy, gorgeus, I do accept this complements from my true friends, not the girls that add me on facebook and myspace  and then say hi handsome, when I see that i get dissapointed think [*****, taht's what u r, a *****] I know that this doesn't apply to anyone, but I hate it, now all the girls, go with the typical stereotype of the Myspace *****, I hate it, that's why I only date scene girls because, they r like me, we don't go by life hitting on all living thigs xD, because we r quite egocentrical, I know it's bad, but it's better than b a ***** xD, I feel used when a girl comes talking like that to me, I know it sounds stupid, but I want something romantic, in messenger w r all romantic, in person we do what coupled r supossed to do, but we do that because we r in love, THAT'S RIGHT IN LOVE, I (L) Love, not ****** =(

when they come hitting on me, in that such horrible way, I feel like all they want is to **** me, I hate taht, so if I c something of my liking, I flirt, nicely, in a lovely way, not in way that says you may **** me, 4 15 bucks xD

dropdeadmadison dropdeadmadison
18-21, M
1 Response Mar 6, 2010

i like to be flirted with in real life and texting, but i do see what you mean by that, it's creepy and weird to me when someone i don't tries that stuff on me