Dumb *** Ugly Little ******

I hate stupid ******* ******* that think they can throw their two cents into everything and butt into other peoples conversations with their ******* bullshit attitudes. LISTEN HERE *****, if I do not speak to you or acknowledge you then you dont get to butt into my **** like a ******* smart *** little *****. You're all ugly and you know it, anyway. I am a girl and I hate girls with a passion. You filthy ******* skags better stay the hell away from me. This ugly *** little mousey **** ***** I saw the other night is SO lucky she did not get slugged in her retarded little ****** up face. The only reason I didnt fight her is because I was stoned... Also I hate that I smoke weed and I get so passive when I should be getting angry and crazy. I wish I could just ******* kill every girl on the planet and be the only one left. Im friggin serious...none of you ****** deserve ****. I am ashamed of my gender and sometimes wish I were a man. I hate how every ******* ugly *** little ho bag has to think she is a ******* princess and that she has a right to talk like **** to everyone and be a condescending dirty scumbag *****. I dream of the day when we can obliterate the female gender off the face of this earth...
angrybrunette angrybrunette
22-25, F
May 7, 2012