I Hate This Girl

Ok me and my boyfriend have a long distance relationship and he lives in England and i live in America. there is this stupid girl that is always texting him and hugging him and ****, so i messaged her and told her off she didnt answer but she still continues to do it and what really pissed me off was that she tried to kick him (down there) today! she is really gross looking and whatever its not that im threatened he'll leave me for her its just that she gets to see him more then i do since she lives in England too. im out of ideas she obviously can't read.. so i guess when i go out there in Feb. ill tell her in person..
AshleyJo AshleyJo
18-21, F
2 Responses Jan 24, 2012

Beat that ***** down. Seriously, If I could be there I would back you up, PUNCH THAT *****>

how do u know shes doing this