Trying To Forgive And Forget, Any Advice?

Any advice on forgiving and forgetting women who have violated me personally and my relationship with my past boyfriend? My boyfriend, EX boyfriend can't forget that now, is an alcoholic (thats a new can of worms) and a big flirt. There are about 4 women, 3 we have known together through living in the same small community and working together with, that have treated me and my relationship in the worst way possible. One I think may have cheated on me with my boyfriend once (I can't officially state that). This was all in a 6 month span. I can understand and realize my boyfriend is a jackass and eventually forgive and let go of the pain he has caused. But these women, I have so much anger towards them, so much pain because they would treat me as a friend but do unspeakable things (in my mind, obviously not unspeakable to them) behind my back and IN FRONT of me. How do you move past that and not lose your faith in humanity, in the female gender?
lambertrose lambertrose
Feb 7, 2012