Keep Off My Man

It's so annoying!

I was at my sister's wedding the other day, with my fiancee and our two kids, and I'm pregnant, and people still flirt with him. We were sitting together during the wedding, and she was sitting behind us. After the wedding I was talking to my sister, and she goes up to him, and starts flirting with him, and I come over, and introduce myself, and she just is flirting in front of me. When we left, she wrote her phone number on his hand, and I was right there, and it was so rude. I just can't stand it!
Kaylaalien Kaylaalien
18-21, F
2 Responses Jul 11, 2012

Call the girl who gave him the number and be like meet me in the ally. And than kick her behind(;

dude, what the ****?