Ok, so here's the thing... We are alllll over each other, in a kissy cute public display of affection kind of way. We are not shy about being affectionate anywhere, any time. I have a left hand ring, which is obviously my engagement ring, and he has an engagement ring too.


It's not only rude and kind of skanky, but somewhere there has to be a girl rule against it right? Don't flirt with guys when their partner is RIGHT THERE?? I may have been a huge flirt when I was single (and I mean huge) but I never EVER flirted with someone who I knew had a girlfriend or partner. Ever. I just wouldn't do it. But for some reason, other girls find it perfectly acceptable.

He has no idea they are flirting with him. He has the flirt radar of a lampshade. I flirted with him from 5pm till 6am one day and he had no idea... He gets kind of embarrassed and grumpy about girls flirting with him when I draw his attention to it. So its not like he's drooling down girl's cleavage when they flirt with him. But it still makes me so mad because he's mine and people should respect that.  

Like this girl who works at our supermarket. Every time we get her on the check out she flirts with him. The last time she actually BATTERED HER EYELASHES at him!!! Who does that anymore??? She makes cute little jokes at him and teases him and smiles and says all this flirty sh*t. He walks out going 'Wow, what a b*tch' because he thinks she's just rude, and I'm thinking the same thing only because she's flirting with him and I'm standing right there loading shopping bags. And she'll talk to him all the time and try and cut me out of the conversation. I just smile a lot and talk to her anyway. And she gives me this look like 'how dare you, I'm talking to him'. And it's like, well how dare you flirt with my fiance when I'm right here and you'd have to be a complete dunce not to notice we're together and in love and engaged, so just **** off ok?

Then you get the girls who watch you while they flirt with him. Like the girl working at the service station last weekend. I was standing outside while he went in to pay for the fuel. And she'd smile and say something and then look at me with this smug little look. It was just so... skanky. Not to mention irritating. Even the older lady filling her car up next to ours noticed what this girl was doing so talk about obvious.

I hate it. I hate the girls who do it. It's like they think can just flirt with him and he'll forget all about me. I hate it so much and it drives me nuts.

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I understand how you feel, although my situation is slightly different. My boyfriend and I were celebrating a local holiday and there's this girl that comes up to him and goes all "hey handsome, buy me a drink?"
(She was like 15/16 not legal here to drink yet.) I calmly said that if she wanted alcohol she should ask someone else.
She then turned to me and told me to "stfu", giving me a slight push. When someone strange touches me, I freak out. So I took her hand and turned her arm on her back and shoved her away. She fled, thank God.

I admit these things can make me upset because deep down I'm afraid my bf will get seduced like my 2 ex's. Plus it feels like a slap in the face, doesn't it?
HOWEVER I hang out with mostly men, also because I study IT which is mostly boys. But I am always trying my best to be super nice to the girlfriends. Because I know how much it sucks to have this strange woman in your man's life. Like when I'm throwing a party with them, I personally invite the girlfriends too so they know they're welcome.

My advice? Talk (as calmly as possible) to your boyfriend about how you feel. Say things like "I feel uncomfertable when they flirt with you" not "you don't push them away fast enough!".
What I did, almost breaking that girls wrist, might have been overreacting. But honestly, if someone touches you without permission, you should be allowed to get their hands off you.

Just know that your boyfriend chose you for a reason.
If he wanted to be with another woman, he would be.
And if you're like me and you prefer hanging out with guys over girls, don't be "that girl" to their girlfriends because you know how much it hurts. And maybe you'll even get along! Who knows.

I hope I helped anyone with this xx

I've been with my boyfriend 10 months and you know when he's the one well everyone says that but I know haha

But back to the subject I went to work with him last night to chill with him he works nights at a hotel and a girl who works with him saw us come in and didn't come over for a whole 40 minutes I went to the toilet when I came out she was stood next to him, looked at me and walked off, my boyfriend told me she ran over shouted his name (like a little school girl) started playing with his tie asking why he's wearing it! I got mad OBVIOUSLY because the vindictive little ***** knew exactly what she was doing waiting for me to leave to come and hit on him! My boyfriend was saying it was probably just a coincidence? No it wasn't she's a **** and she did it on purpose! He then went into the office which I'm not allowed in so I was sat in reception and said girl comes bouncing past me saying 'do you know if (my boyfriend) is in the office' he was about to go in so she saw in and purposely bumped into him and said 'sorry babe' after going into the office she said 'oh will your girlfriend be jealous cause I called you babe?' Obviously what she's doing is trying to get a reaction out of me!! She then finishes but sits across from me close to my boyfriend clearly checking him out and when he was talking to me she'd but in and make the conversation based on her?! Like wtf. He's my man. And people say I'm overreacting but just back off he's my boyfriend you tramp!! The following night at work she called him babe and because I'd made it clear I wasn't happy he made a comment saying why are you calling me babe? It's weird and she's like 'no it's not? Is your girlfriend jealous?'

Like its so ******* annoying leave him alone you little ******* *****. Is it just me overreacting or am I doing what any other girl would do?

This is way after you posted but I totally agree!

My last boyfriend had a close girl friend who would flirt with him and tell me how he's a really good guy. She even sat on his lap when he was eating with my family (the girl and I worked at the same restaurant). I was so mad and my family didn't think too highly of either of them.

My current boyfriend is in the military. When we go out every cashier at every place we go to asks "are you military", after he says yes they always say "oh I could tell, you look like you're in the military, I can just tell" then they laugh and smile at him while I'm standing there. In my head I'm like "hello?! Am I invisible?!" It drives me nuts.

So I agree it's rude and disrespectful. Hopefully it doesn't still happen to you! On the bright side, at least we know we have good guys that everyone likes! :)

I've been with my boyfriend for three years and I trust him completely but one of his friends was drunk when we were out the other night and she was all over him but he actually looked at me and mouthed 'help me' but it's not that she was bitchy I think she's lovely and we got on really well but he said to me afterwards that it just made him feel uncomfortable and he didn't like it but it bugged me a bit too although I know I can trust him completely and we tell each other everything like he would tell me if he thinks someone's hot and I do the same to him but I know that he's the only one that I actually want to be with and he feels the same but maybe I'm just lucky

I feel the same way and yet I know the girl who made passes at my boyfriend. We all met while going to an Anime convention and we all stayed in the same hotel room. Not only was she all chatty right when we met up with them but she constantly hung around him while she had an opportunity while I wasn't there. <br />
<br />
I am not a confrontational person and I hate confronting my boyfriend about my feelings because I'm afraid he'll see me as this jealous monster that doesn't trust him. But the last day we were there I took a shower in the morning and she asked "Hey where's ______?" to which my boyfriend jokingly replied, "Oh yeah, you weren't here last night, we got into a huge fight and we aren't together anymore." I know he doesn't mean anything by this and my friends were in on it, I could hear them snickering through the bathroom door. But what really upset me is the way she reacted to that joke. She totally put moves on him! She was getting suggestive like "Oh, you and me?" and she didn't stop until my boyfriend said he was only joking.<br />
<br />
He's oblivious to when other women are hitting on him but he knows after that day that I'm still uncomfortable and will not let her stay with us for our local conventions. I've also started to let go of my stigma of being the "Bitchy Girlfriend." And give him stink eyes whenever her name pops up into our conversations. <br />
<br />
My advice, next time you're in that situation when a woman is hitting on your man in front of you, make yourself known. Be rude if you have to and tell her that you don't like the way she's throwing herself at your fiancee and tell her to stop. <br />
<br />
Then kick her in her skanky mouth.

I totally understand! I've been with my bf for 3 years now and he has a 'friend' who's a girl and has tried to get with him before, he's lied to me about her, and we have fought. She is now trying to get back into his life. So I said if there are no wrong intentions I want to be there. So I said we would do a dinner, the 3 of us and I can guarantee she is going to be pissed at:

- How good I look
- How successful I am
- How smart I am
- When I sit close to him and feed him a bite of my food
- Hold his hand
- Sneak a kiss
- Ask her what her plans are for the rest of the night and what OUR plans are (movie date, dessert, share a bottle wine, go for a drive etc)

If she has bad intentions or is annoyed by our relationship instead of being happy for her 'friend' (my bf) then it will be clear and I may even call her out on it

She is a catty b*t*h who is trying to get with my man, she has been trying for years.

you know guys, it's all the f*&^ing chilling part that causes drama and breakups.
when one is in a relationship with another it means they do stuff together..
dont' expect that the one will party without the other one. they wont unless both are messing around and neither one cares

you know, me I have the exact problem, mine on the other hand well we are together for 7 years. not engaged or married and don't have babies.
we both gym and this one girl, still in school just finished writing the exams of matric, she is so ***Ked up that I actually gets annoyed.
she knows we are together and she has a really loud and chatty mouth.
but like last night, our personal trainer asked her (cuz they were friends for a long time) how to approach this girl he likes and what to say to her. I was busy doing legs and my boyfriend and a few other guys were in the back of the gym doing cardio.
and that's when he asked her that Q.
at the end of the day my personal trainer came to me and said that she was giving him very bad relationship advise. asked him about what she had said. Quess what she had told him...."oh just walk up to her and tell her you wanna F***"
my mouth fell to the floor cuz he is a good guy and he kinda looked upset.
sis you don't do that!!! and so he didn't speak to her that much so she turned around and walked to my boyfriend and I over heard her saying...."Saturday we have a susi evening cuz she's going away....she won't even look at me, not talk to me BUT MY BOYFRIEN OH YEAH. and it ****** me off cuz if you are not interested in someone elses boyfriend then talk to everybody not just the guys why do they do it? are they looking for attention cuz she sure sound easy enough to me to open up her legs for every freaking guy!

my situation I have found myself in now I hate with a passion, my boyfriend is a big flirt, also owns his own business so hires good looking girls and boys (he owns a bar) he always tells me everything and the other night he told me all the girls there, who pretend to be my friend are all hinting that they want to get with him! ******* have all been friendly to me all along and now i hear everyone is after him! I don't believe he told me to make me jealous, he tells me when he told me about his female staff I just felt like **** U All, why should I be friendly anymore, I know they are jealous of me but I'm so nice I just think really???? Bring your boyfriend in and I'll show you how it hurts..
I want to tell them all, hey Karma is a ***** and she might come knocking soon when you least expect it....but the best thing to do is have fun and laugh and don't look at her, this will kill her, as if she is so irrelevent that you haven't even noticed her, that will kill her!
I had one ex girlfriend of my then boyfriend, who attacked me one night (verbally)
and said to me Why are you so jealous of me?" And I replied, "I don't even think about you......"
This sent her completely mad and I actually felt sorry for the girl.....she backed off :)

And I must say girl, I totally got you. B I tc hes try to flirt with my man and I call them aaaaall the ******* out. Get out my face h OE if your gonna talk to my man like that. Some females think you won't say s h I t and when you do they try to switch it up. I don't fall for that neither cause then I be like 'well my boyfriend agrees w me...' and believe it or not he backs me up and tells a s k a n k to fall back lmfaooooo that's only because I'm lucky enough to have a man who has book problem calling out a triflin b I t c h :) my suggestion... grab him tight kisses n smile at him.... n look at those b I t c h e s with a smug look and wink at them lmfao. Make them jealous of you! Do not let them win!!! Hahaha

Nooo ** (not book)
And fall the f uuuu c k* back.

My auto correct is poppy lol

After reading this article and these comments I am apalled. Some girls get along better with guys period. One can not translate another woman talking to your bf as flirting. Upon being in the very presence of a person for the first time within a second you can tell whether there is a friend vibe/chemistry etc guys usually give off better vibes. Sorry but just the way the cookie crumbles. Get over it if you are that insecure you are better off alone. I will always hang it with my guy friends no matter if they are dating, engaged , or married if I like their personality I will be their friend . They means hanging out with them without their gf .

Girls like you **** me off. Jealous is actually 100% normal. Girls like YOU irritate the **** out of me, if you have a best guy friend or a best girl friend.... don't sit there and try to say nonchalantly that you would chill without the significant other. Its not a trend. If two people are truly in love, meaning they're are ONE, soulmates, partners... ***** yu better expect to see his girlfriend. And chill with her. If anything your religion doesn't prove **** to me or any other woman. Its about respect. If he's your guy friend, respect him. And if anything, you're the jealous one and clinging to your 'guy bff' because that's his title. And **** out of here trying to say 'well I've known him foreverrrr' who cares. Love lasts a lifetime. Friendships come and go. However.. a girl that's a friend should not be so controlling about chilling with a man friend and his girl. To me, that's you being bent your the 3rd wheel :)

you're so wrong! (in my humble opinion) it's the opposite, dude. u gotta respect that ur significant other will have a life outside of you, or else you just leech off of him and that's super unattractive., who wants a relationship based on jealousy and insecurity?? yall needa chill

You do realize people here have experiences where the women ACTUALLY flirt? It's not just friends? Get over yourself, you sound ignorant and id*otic :)

Ugh I can totally relate! I hate girls who flirt with guys even when they know the guy is clearly taken. My situation is a lot like yours except my boyfriend was the one pointing out that girls are flirting with him and like him. I was pretty clueless and didn't pay much attention to it because to tell you the truth, I didn't care back then.. all I saw was him and he was all that mattered. I didn't believe him at first when he told me all these girls were interested in him because as awesome of a guy he is, he's not exactly Channing Tatum or Chris Hemsworth. But the more I got to know him, the more I saw what a girl charmer he is (must be his awesome personality)...other times the girls are just jealous because I have something they don't have (a boyfriend). He goes to Home Depot all the time to get items for projects he does on his house, and there are 2 young women that have crushes on him and flirt with him constantly (whether I'm with him or not, but they are worst when I'm with him). One will give me a dirty look like she wants to kick my *** and she's a lot taller/stronger than me. The other knows we're clearly together, but she will come up to him anyways and smile real big and flirt even though someone else is going to check (scan) out his stuff for him, she does it. I actually dread whenever he goes to Home Depot, but that's only one of very many instances. Another instance is we go to the bank, and the bank teller happens to be a woman. I don't want to be paranoid and believe all women want to take my man, but she does what all the other girls do: gives me a competitive, dirty look and flirts with and giggles at my boyfriend, even though he isn't telling a joke. The annoying thing is my boyfriend always points it out and I get paranoid,...sometimes he even teases me about it because he knows how jealous I get and I didn't used to be this way! I find it hard to trust other girls cause even my cousin who I trusted has tried to steal my boyfriend. She's younger than me and is a teenager so I understand that she gets hormonal, but I don't like the fact that she went out of her way to sabotage me and get my boyfriend to become interested in her (she would take off her shirt twice and expose her breasts infront of my boyfriend.. luckily he didn't take any interest in it but it still pissed me off). Guys have the bro code to never go after a fellow guy's girl, and to put "bros before hoes", but based on my experiences and some of yours i read on here, women just don't have any similar established code. We are rare for girls, in which we don't flirt with others men...but there are always some ******* out there who want to take what you have because theyre not happy with their own damn lives so they have to make yours miserable.

My bf doenst notice that either. Also leads to funny moments, all the girls trying to kiss his neck(yes they did, they called it kiss-goodbye), and him freaking out, not expecting ANYTHING like that. But indeed, some of them are really, really rude. But I always kept calm and said nice things like; Oohh I guess you're a little confused honey, haha, that one's mine.'
And because they couldn't make me mad, they tried harder and harder, untill one of them was drinking too much out of anger and fell on my bf's lapse, moaning she wanted to **** him in Russia and she was sooo h*rny. Well, that one was gone forever, so if you stay clear, nice, and tell EVERYTHING they do sneaky, to your bf, it'll be allright.
(Especially if you tell it in an obvious way, but still suggesting it was a misstake. 'Darling...Lindsay just..well..maybe I was wrong, but she came over to me and said; 'Omg I'd love to kiss your bf, and you're a big sl*t.' And...I was so confused..I she mad? Or...what have I done wrong? Were you maybe giving her the wrong signs honey? She ade me sad...last time she did that too, when she made me stumble on purpose..let's not invite her again.okay?')

i too have a boyfriend who claims that he is a one-woman man.. yes,may be true.. but what i cant understand is he flirts with other girls,throws comments on them,even stares at beautiful girls,then comes to me and says ,'woww.. i watched her this long.. she's gorgeous'. Friends, what am I supposed to understand from this?? I cant tolerate this. I warned him many times,bt he takes it as silly and says that Im his first love and others are not serious at all..

OMG I totally know what you're saying!!! Like, who is so mean that they would hit on a guy that they KNOW has a girlfriend?!?!?! I just don't understand that someone would do something like that... I recently had a girl hit on my boyfriend, and it's taken me awhile to get over it... I just can't seem to understand that someone would do that... Not to mention, she sent a fake text to me from his phone that was pretty mean and could have potentially gotten us into a fight or to break up... Like who gets enjoyment out of getting a couple into a fight?!?!?! I don't understand people sometimes, it really bothers me that someone would do something like that.

My boyfriend and I have been "talking"for 6 months but officially dating for 2. We were friends for a while and then we were friends with benefits for a month or so. He was talking to a lot of girls because he was single and didn't want a gf but then he stopped all together about a week before he asked me out. (I knew id be the one to make him settle down). I adore him and have never been happier with someone in my life. He is a total sweetheart and motivates me and supports anything i do. And a plus...He is a really hot guy and he has an amazing body. He works at a gym and is trying to do body building (naturally with no steroids! ) so hes HOT!! but anyway...I started working at the same gym as him as a general manager for the personal training company that runs out of it. (it had nothing to do with him working there i thought it was a good opportunity) Well on a daily basis I'll be training women and they'll be like "who is the kid behind the desk...he's a hottie" and I reply "oh, my boyfriend Jeff...yeah he's really hot." they get flustered and don't know what to say. But that doesn't bother me too much except when they are like "who's that kid behind the desk I heard he has a gf though which sucks cause he's hot I wanna hook him up with him" or "hook my daughter up with him anyway." then my blood boils and I'm like "oh Jeff. Yeah he's super hot I'm a lucky girl" and they are like " are his gf" and they shut right up. Not bragging but I am a good looking girl and I am training to do fitness modeling so its like come on. Anyway...lately the girls in the daycare that work at the gym have been finding reasons to come talk to him at the desk and today while I was sitting there this girl comes up and goes behind the counter. Pretty much pushes him out of the way because she gets right in front of him and starts filling her water bottle in the sink. He continues talking to<br />
Me and she's like "oh hey macaroni ears" he was like "what?" and she kept saying it. I can't stand rude people. Clearly he's talking to his girlfriend @&$# off! Ughhh stupid. And the guys that go to the gym or work the desk at nights are no better with me! I had this guy that knows my bf and has for years tell me to "go back to the angel store because they are missing their favorite angel and need the display one back" gag! My boyfriend got so pissed. Can't people respect that you are in a relationship! So stupid!

My boyfriend and I have an apartment together and we live across the street from a grocery store, so naturally we go there quite alot.<br />
<br />
There's this girl that works there and she is always flirting with him. It happens all the time, when im there and even when he goes on his own he'll come back and have this story about how they talked and their conversation.  Their banter I've noticed is always playful. She will tease him and crack these jokes that are beyond me. It's hard to place...I've seen him talk to plenty of girls--but the way they talk to each other is different.  Like red flag different.<br />
<br />
Here's the kicker: everytime he shops alone, or we're together and she's working if we hit up a check out line thats short and she's not cashiering at She'll switch out with the clerk so she can check him out. (no pun intended) and I've noticed numerous times when I'm checking out in her line by myself (because it's the shortest line there) she will switch out with another clerk as soon as it's my turn so she doesnt have to check me out. ****** me OFF!<br />
<br />
I hate being that insecure jealous girlfriend. It seems that this is the situation that gets me to the core. He'll get hit on at bars or clubs and I just laugh and shrug it off. But every time I see this b!tch--and it always seems like all the time. There is always that stupid playful banter that I have to endure.  It hurts.<br />
<br />
I tell him it bothers me. But it's always the same, he'll tell me it's nothing. But then why do I feel so territorial when this scenario happens time after time.  I'm at a point that I'm just going to tell him that i don't tolerate what they're doing anymore. That his grocery store is off limits. That he has to make it clear the next time they interact that what they're doing is inappropriate. I would hate to be that girl who tells her off. But I feel like I'm backed in to a corner on this one.

horrid situation, think seriously about leaving him, flirting is ok but that level of flirting leave us girls feeling like we are the crazy one! Think about this, if someone really loves you, you wouldn't feel like this..good luck and remember, you deserve the best and to be happy not feeling insecure because someone needs a constant ego boost...don't we all but when I'm in a relationship the only person you should be flirting with is your boyfriend or girlfriend, that's the right way to be, get dressed up for your man, and let him see you're naughty but just for him only...

it's the worst when you've told your guy you don't like that girl cos she does that infront of you. yet, he goes on to be super nice to her because she's the girl his best bud's seeing. and gets mad at me for insinuating that he's flirting with her. which isn't what i was saying.<br />
<br />
and it makes me become that crazy girl where you end up just staring at your guy and that girl doing all these things. and when you tell him he starts yelling: wtf, now i have to report everything i do and say to you?<br />
<br />
so after 7 years, we're now breaking up over this. isn't that sad?

it's the worst when you've told your guy you don't like that girl cos she does that infront of you. yet, he goes on to be super nice to her because she's the girl his best bud's seeing. and gets mad at me for insinuating that he's flirting with her. which isn't what i was saying.<br />
<br />
and it makes me become that crazy girl where you end up just staring at your guy and that girl doing all these things. and when you tell him he starts yelling: wtf, now i have to report everything i do and say to you?<br />
<br />
so after 7 years, we're now breaking up over this. isn't that sad?

girl from my partner's past still contact him and it's as if they think they have a right to do it. At first i think he didn't mind the fact that they were in the picture, it probably made his ego boost.. Now he is a little embarrassed about them and he doesn't seem to feel bad about telling her (one of them) that he can't communicate with her anymore. he did this in respect of me but i also think he did it to make her feel **** cos she was cheating on him.. the other one that calls ACTS like she is just being friendly but i can see straight through it.. i am trying to get him to realize her tactics but i think this is making him feel more egotistical... i think he'll wait for her to call and he won't go out of his way to actually tell her, i'm glad of that as if he was the one to call then it would be showing her that he is thinking about her and that there is a motive...

I totally agree with you too. I hate a lot of other women cause most of them are sluty ****** who are always trying to take my man from me, and they flirt with him right in front of me. Like my boyfriends best friend, and is always following him around like she is his girlfriend. It just irritates the **** out of me, and I just want to smack the **** out of that *****.

what about a girl who came along with his friends and kept trying to pull him away the whole time to "ask him about something" while her other girl friend helped?? No matter how much we tried to stay together she would follow us around and keep trying to "ask him" about something it reached to the point that she tried so hard I held onto him(he was kind of drunk and didn't really know what she was up to, not an old friend etc..) and she was talking to me in such a weird way and also to my best friend(who OWNS the house and also was not invited in it) as if we work for her or something..<br />
<br />
Come to think she is pretty, or nice(charming) or classy? NONE of that! and always comments and likes anything my bf did on his facebook..Thanks heavens he finally deleted her for good. And from his whole life too.

honestly..i don't know how you do it. why would you stand there and take it? i would've bitched at her and told her off. and tell her to back the **** up cause HE IS YOURS. i hate it when girls check out my boyfriend..i am RIGHT THERE and we are kissing and flirting..yet they don't stop checking him out and whisper **** to their friend and they all stare..i wish i could turn back time and slap them across the face.<br />
<br />
you should stand up for yourself and tell you boyfriend to tel them off too..cause after that..they don't dare to flirt nomore. just feel embarassed of what an idiot they made themselves look.

i get this problem a lot. i am currently dealing with 2 girls who insist on flirting with my boyfriend. they are both his ex-girlfriends which makes it even harder for me, the fear is always in the back of my mind what if he wants them back. one of them im pretty sure he wouldnt take back because he only dated her for about 2 weeks and it was a couple years ago, but she still flirts with him. when i brought it up that i didnt like the way she acted with him he stopped texting her back because he knows i dont like it, but recently hes been trying to find a puppy and this girls brother has puppies, so now shes using them as an excue to get him talking to her and then goes off on other topics after the fact. realllllly annoying. then this other girl he dated a longgg time ago, and the other day she goes off telling him about how cute she thinks he is, then he replies with well i think youre really pretty too! and then he continued texting her throughout the day :( i was soo upset by this. hes never made me cry before this, and he felt horrible. he told me he didnt want anything to do with her he was just being nice, but its still bothering me. He actually started crying the other night because he thought i was going to leave him and he kept telling me how much he loved me and didnt want to lose me, and said hed never do it again. so im hoping that i got it through his head that its not okay with me for him to be flirting back with all these dumb ******. he hasnt talked to her since, and like i said only talks to the other about the puppies. so hoping all goes well, good luck to the rest of you who have to deal with girls that are so disrespectful!

dude ive been a guy for 2 years now, and this girl he used to date just decides to start talking to him again. Not only that SHE ASKED HIM TO ****!! she keep texting and asking him to hang out, she says she'll die without him and she loves him, he almost hung out with her, then she tried adding me on facebook, i know she knows were dating, theirs pics of us kissing, i told him he was the best boyfriend ever on his wall, she stalks his FB i k now shes seen it! she is ***** too, shes slept with more guys then charlie sheen has slept with women! Im not gonna lie, he cheated before, and we'll it was a long story, but if he hangs out with this *****, i mean, one of my guy friends said "no guy would pass that up" he was kidding but, once before, and she begging for it..i really dont know what 2 do! Its like get your own ****** man your *****!

I hate girls like that 2 there's this one girl that my bf went on a date with before we knew each other n she loves to comment on his Facebook status' n the other day was her birthday n he wrote pj her wall n she replied all like thanks babe but when her best friends (i know them 2) wished her happy bday n myself ( I met her n spoke 2 her without realising it was her! So added her ok there 2) n she just liked it!! N at a festival when we were both there she totally ignored me when she was talking 2 him n his mate n when she did answer she was so blunt!!! I just want to kick her head in at times like them above but I'm a lover not a fighter so would probably end off worse lol! Xxx

I can't believe there are still girls like that out there! Me and my boyfriend work at the same place (that's where we met) and there's this girl that just would not leave him alone!! She flirted with him before we got together but obviously he rejected her! And now she knows I'm with him, she treats me like **** at work when I WAS attempting to remain friend with her, and she would text my boyfriend on a daily basis, that she dreamt about him last night and what could that mean, what's his plan for the weekends, and asked weekly if we have broken up!!! That right there royally pissed me off. My boyfriend laughed at her stupidity and called her an air-head, which I know she's far from being one. Sometimes she would text him some ambiguous and weird crap that would get my boyfriend all worried and texted her back asking if everything is ok, cuz he's just a nice guy like that! I know everything is ok and she's just being an attention seeking b*tch. Apparently she herself has a boyfriend too and I don't know why he cannot contain his own girlfriend! I trust my boyfriend completely but I just hate the fact that she's using his nice personality to get him to pay attention to her, it gets on my last figging nerve! <br />
<br />
I can't really tell him to stop talking to her either cuz he thinks it would be kinda awkward at work and I don't want to seem jealous all the time. I hate it so much when it happens and seriously, why can't they just keep their hands to their own man or find their own man?!

I honestly despise this as well. And I have a flirtatious personality, so I can flirt without meaning to, but i don't disrespect a couple when they're together. If anything i do that stupid "aawww you two look so good together!" and tease the couple as a unite (for an appropriate amount of time. nothing annoying)<br />
<br />
Then again, it worse when it's your best friend hitting on your boyfriend.<br />
We were all friends before I started dating him and I know that she demands a lot of attention (She's very "look at me. look at me")<br />
So when he asked me out and people were giving me a little attention and congratulations...the usual "you're so happy! congrats!"<br />
She was pissed! She had this whole hissy fit about how "uncomfortable we make her" because we'll make situations awkward by dating. (We're both very private we don't do the super rude PDA. Just a peck her and there and hand i have no clue what she's talking about) so she made it a rule that I can't confide in her things about our relationship.<br />
Whatever, I'm not garrulous.<br />
<br />
But now she's made it a point to hit on him and flirt with him (Which of course he doesn't even notice because boys are oblivious). She says it's "friendly". But she's making it a point to draw my attention to it. Like those smug little smiles that girl at the gas station gave you.<br />
She shows me texts she sends him and Facebook conversations. She posts pictures of them together of facebook and will tell me to check them out.<br />
I don't know why she's trying to make me jealous, but I'm upset that it is working... I've never actually felt so strongly for someone as I have my boyfriend. <br />
And she knows this. And I feel that she's too old to be acting this immature. It's ridiculous.<br />
I can't tell him I don't want him to hang out with her, because I'm her "best friend" and I don't want to seem like a crazy jealous girlfriend. But she won't stop.<br />
<br />
I hate these rude women. Seriously, what is their problem?!

yeah you're so right they're ******* irritating! ******* must go to hell!

am so sad and angry please tell me if am wrong ???!?!? my husbands female workcllegue is adding pictures in facebook adding commects well well This may also be the sexiest of all of all ......<br />
<br />
am nso pissed angry dot know what to do .>???? please tell me what to do ...

UGH! I just got together with this guy Nick that I have been waiting for to ask me out FOREVER! And when I get the courage to ask him out, I tell one of my best friends Mckinzie. And right after I told her, she adds him on facebook! I wasn't really upset about it... He said yes to me going out with him and he told me he loved me but he just didn't have the courage to tell me. Mckinzie didn't even know him for more than a day and she told my Best Best Best Friend that she loves him and she thinks he loves her too. Holly told me what Mckinzie said being the awesome friend she is and it really bummed me... I almost burst in tears because I thought he might leave me for her... But when she started flirting with him he was like heh... and kinda ignored it. Which really reassured me. But she NEVER gives up!!! And yesterday she was like "So.... you're dating Nick..." WHAT THE **** OF COARSE I AM!!! I TOLD HER THAT I WAS!!!! I told her that she is a great friend but I didn't appreciate her flirting with him. And she hasn't spoken to me since. She told Holly that he was flirting before me and Nick got together. But HE WASN'T FLIRTING!!! There is a difference in being NICE and FLIRTING! :( I am really stuck... I don't want to freak out about it to Nick because I don't want him to think that I don't trust him... But I don't know what to do about it... He ignores the flirts but I'm really scared... Does anyone have any advice?

ughh i SO agree!!! can't these girls just mind their own business?!?! <br />
<br />
and well...imagine this...<br />
<br />
my boyfriend (who i love with all my heart and could NEVER think of cheating on him) had to go for uni in another applying to the same city so that its easier for us later on and so, we decided we wouldn't break up but instead would secretly get married the day before he left..all went well...he left..i was depressed as sh*t...<br />
we're both very possessive about each other and we both get hurt if the other is too busy talking to others on msn (crazy, i know).<br />
well...whenever we would be online in skype we would share screens so that we dont feel insecure. its just the second week since he left and we had an arguement 2 days was a misunderstanding..and it was related to my ex. so, my boyfrend/husband over-reacted and thought i was cheating on him with my ex (which i honestly was NOT doing..i dont even talk to my ex anymore!)<br />
so, imagine this....after the above incident happened, we were still sharing our screens..he goes on to his msn and sends this girl an IM saying "u were right, she betrayed me" <br />
and there i was constantly sending him msgs trying to clear out the misunderstanding, but he would just ignore me (he absolutely HATES my ex). apparently that girl is my boyfriend's (chat) best friend's best friend :s<br />
so, instead of trying to cool him down or instead of saying something nice to him she says "i told you not to be crazy about her..i told you she would betray you." and i was just like..WTF?!?!? i dont even KNOW the girl for goodness sake!!! and to make matters worse, she's in the same city as him..<br />
i kept reading their conversation...and from what it seemed like, she started FLIRTING with him n started saying things like "im not like that, im different" and guess what?? SHE HAS A BOYFRIEND!! <br />
<br />
what is WRONG with people?!?! they have a boyfriend and STILL they try to flirt with other guys who are taken?!?! and be a total b***h by taking advantage of the fact that the guy is having problems with his gf?!?!<br />
<br />
and you know what? we sorted things out...and the next day..we're sharing screens again...and she sends him another IM...and she was like.."have u sorted things out with her??" to which he replied, "yea we sorted things out, i love her way too much to be without her" and she says.."oh..good...but dont be too crazy about her..." WTF IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN?!?! who the **** does she think she is?!?! telling MY boyfriend about how crazy he should be about me???<br />
<br />
my boyfriend only used skype to talk to me and his relatives, so he only added us to his contact list...and what did i notice today?? shes in there too.<br />
<br />
i trust my boyfriend...but when b***hes like these come in and try to mess things up, what am i supposed to do?!?! i love my boyfriend more than anything...we've sacrificed so much for each other..the last thing i would wanna do is lose him... sorry for letting all of this out here...but as soon as i read ur post it just made me wanna write here too.. :(

well i had had enough a couple of weeks ago this is what happend.<br />
<br />
i had phnemonia but got in the car with my partner and we went to the local mall for a movie and to celebrate our aniversary fathers day was a week away and so we went into a store that was having a massive sale as with four kids a sale is like the be all and end all for me lol <br />
<br />
anyway this 20 if a day sales girl filled with extra pep come barreling towards my man pretty much shoving me out of the way and starts asking him qeastions about what he wants as im paying he redirects to me, <br />
<br />
my partner and i have a strange sence of humour that few enjoy or can join in on but this girl would cut me off mid sentence and at one point even meowed at me like a cat!!!! WTF!<br />
<br />
i felt so uncomftable that i left the store to wait but upon seeing her follow him into the dressing rooms! i returned to hear her telling him he has the sexiest *** she had ever seen <br />
<br />
he replied with "yea my wife and four kids agree to" <br />
<br />
she continiued to talk down to me and by the end of our shopping experiance even my usually totally oblivious man was left wondering what had happened?<br />
<br />
i decieded to email her employer and let them know exactly how there staff behaved and in return got an email saying this was not her first warning!!!!!! <br />
<br />
when that is all said and done i still cant laugh about it becuase today he went shopping alone (which he never does so im guess it had something to do with the words ring,engagement and about bloody time lol) <br />
<br />
he was approached by another girl selling make up. her sales pith was "do you have a special someone in your life"? he said yes as that she didnt need to bother selling him make up as his special someone is an award winning international make up artist and i buy my own make up. <br />
<br />
youd think ok then sir have a nice day right? WRONG! then she fucken touched him!!!! he steped back so she stepped closer and told him what a pitty it was that he wasnt single that he couldnt possibly be old enough to settle down with anyone then started asking if he had kids????? <br />
<br />
yes he has four and i still look good! she only stopped when she asked about me he just walked off, he hates being rude so this girl must have made him very uncomftable<br />
<br />
he came home and told me i honestly coudnt believe it that mall must be a hot bed for little girls trying to get there rocks off <br />
<br />
id love to go there and her try to sell me some of her cheep crap listen to all her advice on the product then give her some advice all of my own. <br />
<br />
what makes a girl think that it is ok to do this one day they are going to come up against a girlfriend like me and wish they had kept there eyes where they there heads.

I totally agree!<br />
I'm 14 and have been with my boyfriend for over a year and girls still try to be all over him and hug him and i'm just like umm **** off. i even told a girl the other day to keep her hands off.<br />
shes been with him before and she only toys with guys emotions. He's told me plenty of times he won't go back to her (because he loves me and because of that reason) and i fully trust him and believe that he's being honest but i still just cannot stand her around him.. Oh yeah.. i also forgot to mention she's broken us up before! Stupid *****! i can't stand her! ARGHH!

Of course, I'm your Aus Doppleganger! How could we possibly think anything different :P ROFL.

LOL.<br />
Im in agreement, as per usual!

I agree with you. It is about respect and feeling secure, and taking care of your relationship and the trust in it. There is nothing natural at all about breaking trust and respect in your relationship by flirting with or hitting on some random girl when you are in a relationship. <br />
<br />
lol Absolutely! If theres some hot chick on the TV, and he's still looking then it must be followed with 'But your much prettier honey' lol. <br />
Oh god yes! my guy, he can't flirt to save his life either... its actually really terrible .... he had to explain what he was doing way back when we were just friends, and I was like 'Oh, I thought you were sleepy!' Big ego booster that was! :P lol.

There is such a difference between asking your guy to respect your feelings and being jealous. I dont care if Max checks out some girl or says some chick on TV is pretty - as long as it is not obvious, sleazy, and is followed up with a - 'But not as pretty as you, honey' lol. Flirting is out. Totally out. Mostly because Max doesnt know how to flirt to save his life and I feel sorry for the poor girl he might be inflicting his flirt on. LOL But its all about feeling secure and respected - not being naive or jealous. Nothing natural about a boyfriend leering all over some tart who isnt his girlfriend - or hitting on a chick in a bar as if he doesnt have someone waiting at home.

Well... I think he's hot! lol <br />
<br />
You said it! Rotten, trampy and wrong, and it doesn't mean anything good about you if you do it. I'd agree, they are probably very insecure. I had an attractive friend who got her self esteem from guys who told me it was a 'challenge' to get attached guys to flirt back or notice them. Which makes me kinda of p*ssed off and a little sad for girls like that. I mena, I got my self esteem back then from guys too, but never ever attached guys. Its a line you dont cross, if not for them then for yourself. But it does make me feel awful like you said, like this woman/girl is saying loud and clear 'You aren't good enough to keep him'... which is something I am scared about anyway! lol And if you get your ego booster from making someone upset then what the heck is wrong with you? <br />
Congrats to your Max for being flirt proof :). Damn good guy you got there! ;) I'm with you on that too... so awesome and loveable that they are as dumb as a brick about flirty girls. lol Sometimes it irks me when I am so upset about some girl and he doens't have a clue lol, but its a VERY good thing lol. My dad was one of those men who encouraged it... your right, so disrespectful and cruel to your partner no end... it was awful to watch him do that to my mum. People tell me its too much to ask that my partner doesn't look at or flirt with other women, that its healthy and natural and I am just naive and jealous... but I don't think its too much to ask at all. And I'm lucky becuase its something he's more than willing to give.

He must be a real hottie to get so much attention ;)<br />
<br />
Flirting with someone obviously attached is just rotten, trampy and wrong. I dont understand girls who do that at all. I guess they must be incredibly insecure - I dont think they do it to attract a man - but rather to make the girlfriend feel bad about her self and doubt her standing in the relationship - only an insecure person would get their jollies from making someone else feel that way.<br />
Thank goodness your man isnt the type to thrive on female attention, for him to encourage it would be equally disrespectful - some men are so dense to any sort of flirting, Max is like that too, I find it quite endering!

You are so right, its good to know we're a little more respectful and tasteful than that. But God, it is just plain infuriating when it happens and logic goes out the window!! lol<br />
I hate what that girl is doing!!! I'm so glad both of you aren't letting her come between you, that's great. You must be a very strong couple :) We had a friend like that, a room mate. She would prance and shimmy around him in a towel or wiggle her butt in his face in her tiny jeans. It drove me mad, all the skanky, nasty things she did right in front of me. He had no idea, just thought she was annoying, but it hurt me as we were meant to be friends and it made me so angry. So I know how you feel. *hugs* I hope she goes away, you don't need that kind of person in your life. I know I sure didn't!!<br />
Thanks for your comment! It's nice to hear I'm not alone in my anger lol. Good luck with your man too :)

i agree absolutely, it's rude and skanky and disrespectful! I would never ever do that to another girl in front of her boyfriend, or even when she isn't around. I just would not put myself in a position where I am flirting with someone who is obviously taken and therefore putting myself into a position where I will be rejected and look like an idiot. <br />
<br />
Some girls need to get some class and respect, not only for others but themselves too.<br />
<br />
Like get a life and find a man who will want to be with you!! <br />
<br />
My boyfriend has a female friend that he used to play sport with.....whenever she saw him she would give him a big hug and be like 'so i was thinking we could go away for the weekend' right in front of me, at our house on my boyfriends birthday!! The thing is he keeps saying no or telling her to ask someone else but either she's really dumb or a *****, because even though he's said no she will ask again!! She is over the top flirty and always makes comments to my boyfriend like 'oh how come u don't have pics of chels on your phone'....just little things to maybe try to irk me a bit.<br />
At first i was really polite and tried to befriend her but after a while I thought this ***** just stirs me up and drives me nuts and I am better than that, i don't need someone like her in my life.<br />
<br />
Girls like that are everywhere and true they do irk is up badly, but at least we can say that we're not like that, that we have a bit more respect.<br />
<br />
All the best with your man!!