It Happens

He told me that a bunch of girls are on him to do things ect . I asked why he doesn't say he has a girlfriend. He told me that they know!
can I please just say, please stop trying to come up men in relationships.
If you get them to cheat, then you know they are cheaters and does that help you?
You are basically proving the man you desire isn't worth anything and just a sex object.
If your only desire is to have sex with him...he doesn't do that, so good luck.
Not everyone just wants a hook up.
Im not hating, if you have feelings then you do, but girls..why are we not nicer to each other!?
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3 Responses Nov 30, 2012

Tell him to cool it'''he need to tell them off.

maybe because people like you call people like me ******* for no apparent reason? and are you a man?

What are you talking about? I am also not actually a man. I just always set my genders as male.

Yeh i know how you feel, there was a girl that did that to my bf, he didnt tell her to stop, he liked it. and the more it went on, the more she'd do, i found out about it, then my bf said he'd not do it any more, he flirts back to her. said some pretty hurtful things, like she could be his secret gf. well she has dissapeared, i wish her no harm but atleast she isnt flirting with him now. He did do it again, before she left. but we're still together :)

I am sorry that things had to go that way. At least you still get to be with him! <3