Give Me A Tip?

There is this girl who always wants to hang out with him, just the two of them, she KNOWS I am his grilfriend, and she has heard from his mouth a billion times that he really cares about me or stuff along those lines. I am polite to her and even invited her to my birthday party.

We have been togheter for 2 years, and we've known her for 4 months. We PDA a lot, but we are in a friggin catholic school and that often leads to trouble.

The problem is this girl is really getting on my nerves. Whenever she is with him, she flirts, even if I am right there. She insults me, but then acts as if it was a joke. My boyfriend is polite (or just plain oblivious) and I dont particulary wanna be the "jealous grilfriend"

What should I do? Continue keeping the "enemy" close? Ask her to stop? Tell my boyfriend? Or just humilliate her in public?

CheshireCat92 CheshireCat92
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3 Responses Oct 31, 2009

You know, I hate these kind of *******. The Fact is, guys hate petty women. Just let her have a party. If she gets him, he was an ******* to begin with and you are to good. I know it hurts. I am in a situation where women love to come at my guy, It can be hard to keep cool. The fact is, if he develops feelings, she wins, it just isn't up to you. you cant control a person. So, just let it go, if he is stupid enough to leave you, you will find better.

PS: Tell your bf that being polite sometimes does not work with certain kind of people(like this girl)

Insult her back as a "joke" too<br />
and keep embarrassing her and making her feel dumb all the time until she gets tired of it all