Hate Hate Hate It!!

Like other stories, I just hate girls who flirt with your guy and they know he is taken.


It happens a couple of times which annoys me but the biggest **** off happened on Sat night when we were out on the town for drinks with a few friends to celebrate our engagement when halfway through the night he sees this chick who he usedta go to school with. She beelines over after a bit (we were situated so I was sitting on the barstool, he was standing next to me and my cousin sorta next to him facing us) and cuts across me and my cousin to be all like hi how are you etc etc to him. Me and my cousin were a bit gobsmacked for a bit but then he introduced me as his fiance and then my cousin and she got this horrible shocked look on her face and then proceeded to stand really close to him and just talk/flirt with him and totally ignored me and my cousin.

My cousin and I were SOOOO ****** at her like what a *****, she completely ignored us even when we were cutting in and talking to her and the only thing that got her away was when my cousin kinda stepped infront and forced her to talk to her and my bf started hugging me... but even that took awhile of her trying to get back to him.

Bf was annoyed as he didnt want to talk to her anyway and course our evening was off for a bit cos I was SO mad that she had the nerve to do it... and it happens alll the time whenever we go anywhere girls try to flirt with him ALL the time and even if its like we're holding hands or hugging and we do have rings but its so frustrating that they just dont care and continue to try and flirt with him.

supersezabell supersezabell
22-25, F
Mar 14, 2010