I really hate it when someone tells me all about their problem, especially when it is a problem I've had, and they ask me what they should do. And I tell them what I did.  I know it's their life and I should really mind my own business, but if I know it will help and they don't listen, or even take into consideration, it kinda ****** me off.  I really should just stop sometimes!  lol.

[End Rant]
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With some people you may as well talk to the wall!!

yep, that happens a lot But, I know I have helped one person, she wanted a divorce, we talked over several months, I told her what I remembered of being single, the bad parts, the users, those who simply didn't care but acted like they did. Anyhow, it worked, she and her husband are still together and she is happy, I think they both are. She has changed her profile to get rid of the old persona and added me again when she did saying what was going on.
Then there are the ones who simply wanted an older person to talk too. There was one who changed profiles a lot, but if I got an email with the heading 'Grandpa', I knew it was her. Last I heard from her, she was going to college, hope all goes well for her.
Oh, and PS, I like your stories and comments

most of my friends too haha! however I sent round a text to my closest, nearest and dearest and told them, if they want my advice i am happy to help but i would hope they would return the favour! surprisingly it worked, I then had one individual who consistantly came to me, any time i went to them, they would turn it round on themselves and disregard me so i told them to stop being so darn selfish, they now ask why i have changed ;). But great advice!

Never stop,o.k?I a;ways remember my grandfather,who used to help people any way he could,and sometimes the people he helped didn't always seem to appreciate his help,or even accept it,but my grandfather's modo was,"I'm not doing anything wrong by helping others.if they refuse the help,or don't appreciate it,it's their road to hoe,and I can still rest easy knowing I did my best".O.k,it's a long modo,but you get the Never stop helping others when you can.Do it for them,and yes,do it for yourself too.:)

Now THAT is good advice. Thank you. And as long as the motto has meaning, it's never too long!

lmao! "Motto"! I knew that didn't look right.See,you are intelligent,and I just got a lesson in English.;)