O almost always give a first impression of myself that is just NOT true to character. I don't know why, but I'm super confident in myself, i just also get nervous when it really counts. like when I meet someone's mother. especially when they still listen to her. sometimes I get really quiet and so...when people see me the way I am (bubbly, sparkling, talkative, loud) they feel like I've done a 180. which is lame, because both the quiet demure person and the slightly eccentric bouncy person are both parts of me. both of them are me relaxed. just depends on my mood. oh and sometimes I just talk way too much and make bad jokes at lame times at the expence of the person that it's least ok to do so. Lame? I think so.
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exactly! fortunately, I found a man who likes all of my moods and isn't surprised by a single one of them. Mostly because he's the same way. :) I hope you're as lucky as me XXX