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Now I Hate Him But Sooner Not

I may say that I hate God. (Well, I really do now.) For He gave me a kind of ******* life wherein I'm stuck miserably. But for some reason, my mind always says to me that I'll be coming back to Him when the time comes... I don't know but what I only know is I hate Him now!
ginnn ginnn 18-21, M 4 Responses Apr 7, 2012

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Every test can be challenging from time to time :) He would never throw a challenge your way that you couldn't overcome :D

thanks :D


: )

It's healthy to get mad at God every now and then. Keep thinking positive, God will bring positive in your life.

i like ur answer :)

I don't wanna sound too Christain, but I remember feeling the way you do and I was brought towards god through my misery and pain because I use to hide my pain in drinking and sneaking out but I realized I didn't wanna live my life like that, and I hated god. I was complete atheist until my sister forced me to go to church and I start plugging in and connecting with people and getting the word. Then I realized I am not alone and you aren't either. If you ever wanna talk I'm here.

i've had similar thought too-only the period that "i'll turn back to him" is in the afterlife. but then again i might not because why would i want to spend eternity with a so called "god" who doesn't know **** about how we feel on earth and even if he does he doesn't give a f about anybody the way i see it.

He knows it. He knows what we feel. He even knows WHY we hate Him. He knows EVERYTHING. The mere fact that I hate Him is because of I can't do anything good and new to my life. I am stuck in this within years. // A counselor once told me that I am not an ordinary one, not just like any other people; that there could be a calling from Him wherein I could be a leader, you know, a preacher, a priest/pastor or whatever; but if He is teaching me to learn for me to be one His then why at this young age? I didn't felt the goodness of life at this age. You know, I could be studying right now in college with friends having fun, just like any normal person does of my same age. But no, I am not. It extremely hurts having this kind of life.

I wish we could have better life sooner : )