Hate Him

I hate God. He has given me a terrible love life. He has given me pathetic friends. He has given me zero luck. I know people in a worse condition than me. Still, whatever I have seems so less. I'm very hurt. I have tried praying. It has never helped me. I'm sad and angry all the time. I feel like visiting a psychiatrist sometimes too. The last couple of years have been a very big upset for me. Everything seems a mess. I've tried to be so strong but I've ended up crying alone at nights. I have tried keeping faith in him a thousand times. And He has broken my faith and trust every time. Not once do I remember him doin something good for me. People keeping faith in him and expecting him to do good for them are useless. I Hate God and I do not believe in religion anymore. I'm broken and shattered into pieces.
Hatehim95 Hatehim95
Jan 12, 2013