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Miricles don't exist. Like when they find 1 baby in the rubbel of a building and onley that one baby survived out of the 100 other people. Wow good job god, and the highest death count in the world is the christian population. The least you could do is protect them more?
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god does not kill, he gives life, we kill, the devil gives thoughts of killing and people obey,

At least one baby was saved!.I don't believe in the god of the church,but I believe in the Love that drive people to help each others in time of tragedy,the LOVE THAT MAKE PEOPLE CARRY ON BEYOND ENDURANCE,to try and save at least one person when a building collapses,to keep digging through rubbles even though logic tell them there could be no survivors, it has been too long,and yet something drive them and lo and behold they find someone still alive! This is the miracle of the Love of humanity for other living things.Love is the God who give us meaning and takes us beyong ourselves and we do not have to be religious to believe in THAT GOD!.

So god just lets us suffer?

God doesn't intervene in human affairs.He said He has set a day to settle all matters.When one person survives a terrible tragedy it is by chance that it happened according to the Bible.

I would not take everything the bible says as" gospel truth!" It is full of contradictions and EH! we can think for ourselves!

I have never found a contradiction and I have read it several times.I am curious what the contradictions you found.

Some statements can be interperted in different ways, I have had discutions with christians,not to say arguments when I mention that reincarnation was in the bible but the church fathers decided to remove all reference to it ,but forgot some of them, it was declared a heresy in A.D. 553 by the Second council of Constantinople. at the time many christians thought the doctrine of reincarnation afforded man too ample a stage and space to to encourage him to strive for immediate salvation,one such verse:"Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of God,and he shall go out no more"- Rev. 3:12.please give me your interpretation.

God has promised eternal life for those who obey Him.Rev 3 is one of those promises because what it say's is "him that overcometh will be granted a place in God's temple.
Jesus said in John 5 that there is going to be a Resurrection not a reincarnation.That is big difference a resurrection is raising someone from being dead and a reincarnation is returning to life as something or someone else.

Thank you for your input which confirms to me that the Bible can be interpreted in different ways according to one's beliefs.

And I believe it is the spiritual body is that is being resurected after physical death as the soul is immortal.

The soul is not immortal according to the Bible.The Bible gives no indication anywhere of reincarnation.It only speaks of a resurrection.That is not a contradiction btw.

Please google" contradictory verses in the Bible" ( A list of biblical contradictions) ,and where in the Bible does it say that the soul is not immortal?.

In several places the Bible indications humans are living souls like in Lev 7:18 and Ez 18:4.Right from the beginning God said humans were living souls like at Gen 2:7.

My interpretation is that souls inhabit our living bodies while we are here on earth learning our lessons in the material world,and after physical death the soul lives on seeking further knowledge because we cannot learn all there is to know in one lifetime.The more the soul grows and evolve the closer to God it gets.

Jesus said the only way to get closer to God is through knowledge of him and Jesus himself.
John 17:3

But that can take time,one life time might not be enough for some of us.

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