Why I Hate God

Firstly, the reason that I don't capitalized the word "god" is because I have no respect for him, why??:


god is a hypocrite:  if god is so loving and forgiving why does hell continue to exist?

god says that if someone asks for your cloak, give it to them, but when you ask/pray/beg how often are you answered.

god says that all who seek him, through the blood of jesus, will be written in his book. however when you call out to him otherwise, "he will not hear you".  but when you are judged all that you say, think and do will be brought up.  He didn't want to hear you to help you, but will judge you on everything you say/do to condemn you eternally to the fires of hell.  That hell that he created for satan and his fallen angels??? 

god is all loving and forgiving, didn't he kill eveyone in the world, except noah's family, because of his wrath.

his commandments say to love your enenmy, does he love and bless those who hate him??

his commandments say to not be envious..., but he is a jealous god, not to put any other god before him.

his commandments say do not steal, but doesn't he take from the unrighteous to give to the "righteous"?  And if everyone is a sinner, regardless of the blood of jesus, then exactly who are the righteous.  according to god a sin is a sin, there is no small sin or larger sin??

if god loved the world, that that the blood of jesus saves the world from eternal fire, then how come the so called "saved" are not living until the ages of 600 and 700 as he origally intended??  People begun having babies at the 400 and 500, such as john the baptist's parents.  P.S. jehovah, what a great life for a man who was as holy as jesus, for he didn't even drink and paved the way for jesus by delivering your word and baptizing jesus.  To have him jailed, humilitated, beheaded and his head served to a *****'s mother as a favor for dancing.  "for I shall lift you over the heads of your enemies, so that they can not find you" - FAIL!!!!!!!!!

how come this loving giving god, get so coercive and wants to kill people who don't follow his instruction.  He got impatient with moses for not wanting to lead the people and sent the angel of death to kill moses.  Miariam had to do a quick circumcision and wipe the blood on his feet to save him.  He practically forced mary on joseph, when he clearly did not want to marry her, or want her in the "sacred" family line of david.  But he was forced because of a dream you sent???  (Sneering here)

And how come his special choosen people were getting on god's nerves during the 40 year trip to the promise land, that he wanted to kill them??   they were hungry, thirsty and tired, he made them human, what did he expect???  Moses was more kinder and humane to these choosen people than god, begging for food (******* maggot manna) and then because he gave them water from a rock, he was forbidden to enter the promise land that he lead them to???  What a ******* jerk god is.

And speaking of which.  Why would god deceive this "choosen" by making the trip to the promise land 40 years instead of the 40 days it really took.  Just so he could kill out the generations???  WOW.  Then with this new generation that was supposed to be so pure, he sent them to the promised land to do what??  Kill and destroy all the men, women and childen- burn the land and even the animals, and plunder the gold.   So, he wanted to "pure" choosen to kill, still and destroy??  what a great start for the "pure".  If these people who were to be killed sinners, wasn't he creating sinners from the "pure"???  How were they so different from those others???

god claims the sun will shine on the good and the bad- so what are the rewards here on earth?  Why not murder, kill and steal in the name of jesus, cause your going to enter "heaven" anyway.  Just at the last minute say the magic words "i accept jesus..."

thou shalt not kill? god killed in the bible, also remeber is lil friend the angel of death. gabrielle??

god is a sick sinister, evil ****.  a hypocrite who expects humans to be better to each other than he is as a god.

he is deceptive, unloving and unforgiving- unless you say the magic words.  he is wrathful and mean spirited and vengeful.  god is everything we warns us not to be.  god does all he warns us not to do.

regardless of satan, he is the one who has killed, stolen and destroyed.  I wonder if hitler killed the jews as rebellion against an unfair god.  to kill your children, will surely kill you in spirit.

I hate god, i hate that evil lying **** call jehovah.  jehovah is not a blessing, but a curse among the very people that he created.  And if he who is in us is greater than in all the world, its not wonder this world is ******.  he made us in his image.

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Now you just shut your little mouth! No matter what you say He will love you. I just wish that you atheists and agnostics and other religions(who is actually the devil) would realize the emmense love God has for you! John 3:16 is the best verse in the Holy Bible for you listed above. The world is turning into a Kingdom of the devil. If you are gonna diss anyone diss that thing! it is ruining us. He (Capitlal G God) made you. He loves you. Go to this link please. I am on the verge of tears out of love and pity and sorrow. go to: I hope you will love Him as He loves you. with love
Logan Lyngaas.

I hate God as well. Once I bowed to Him. Believed that he was there listening to me. He was not. He was listening to others. He has ignored me, teased me, bullied me, everything that He is against. Some laughable Pastor told me it was the Devil, but when I told him the story of Job, and how Satan required Gods permission to punish human, he fell silent. God is all powerful, but seems to use this power to raise up those whose hearts are filled with evil. I have seen the most faithful Christian go to bed hungry after praying to God, and I have seen the most vile of people go to sleep with full bellies after they lie and steal to the public. I have seen uptight, morally corrupt Christians prance out from their mega-church and hop in a brand new SUV while looking down at others who don't live their lifestyle. I have seen God bless the wicked and punish the faithful. I spit on Him, his son, his mother and his spirit. When I finally meet this so-called God I will demand he answer my questions. And if He doesn't it will only prove that He is weak and evil. And I will happily burn in Hell then serve a hypocrite deity who has the power to change peoples lives but refuses to do so.

the holy spirit is ****** up and a perv who ***** the souls of all people through its evil and cold ways

I totally agree. You should also add that God's pastors of the earth condemn the Christians. Just listen to any sermon. I'm sure you'll know what I'm talking about. I hate Christianity. >.<

I totally agree. I've done good for people and all I got was crapped on. You can beg pleed and pray til your blue in the face and all you get is misery. I tried my best to be good and kind honest and grateful and more crap. They say God don't put more on you than you can handle....Thats a crock of crap. Why do people kill themselves?....Cuz they can't handle it. I'm sick to death of hearing what God will do for me. I do for me, not God.

GOD? When i come across this word the only word that my mind/ heart sreams is BIAS!
NO he isnt loving or forgiving like uve been taught by ur parents or your religious studies's teacher.. He is f**king cruel who gives everything to certian people and for the others there is nothing. Oh no wait he gives them something too.. And thats Pain, grief and unhappiness. Even his creations are stupid and nothing but hate worthy!!!!!


GOD should never put people on EARTH, especially if they can't find the LOVE of their life. and i do feel very sorry for guys like this, especially that they are STRAIGHT. hang in there BUDDY.

Ill pray for u:)

Yes pray for us. Pray and ask your God why some are more important then others. Ask him how he can ignore the cries of a child while blessing some gold-wearing pastor with happiness and life. Ask Him to explain how he chooses to bless, is it hair color, race, age, what is it? I would love to know the formula for gaining Gods favor. It isn't kneeling and devoting your life to him, because I have tried that and so have countless others. I ask for Gods love, and he fills my heart with pig ****.

god is a filthy **********, for punishing the good people like us. very true.

it certainly HURTS not to be LOVED these days, i AGREE.

i really can't BLAME this guy for feeling that way.


god is a no good filthy pig, for putting me on this rotten earth. i am a straight man that had been married at one time, and was a very caring and loving husband that never cheated on her. but the filthy no good ***** did cheat on me, and i did love her at the time and had been very committed to her as well. now that i go out, i seem to meet the nastiest women with their rotten attitude problem which it makes it worse for me. i never did anything wrong in the first place, and i cannot understand why this is happening to me. how many filthy rotten low life ****** did he put on this earth to begin with, not to mention the low life loser lesbians too. god is so evil, for doing this to me. yes, i certainly do blame god for this mess. why should he make other people find happiness, instead of me? what makes these people so ****** special? i am no different than they are. i certainly would have wanted the same thing, since it is normal for what i am asking for. what really sucks for me, is now being alone and single again. not my choice, that is for sure. i have a right to be bitter, since god does not want me to meet a good woman for me and have a family that i always wanted to have. then again, with so many low life piece of garbage women that are out there now, it will most certainly be very difficult to meet a decent one now. like i have said before, cannot blame myself for the garbage that is out there today.

I may be the youngest of this group but I agree with you. I am 80% Satan. The other half is my devilish traits.

he created too many ****** and lesbians, why would he create such garbage like them?

I totally agree with your story,to me life is like a game to God,that is why people steel or rob because they have no other choice,they can't get a job,they can't get help and they have no resort but to steal to survive,and what about all these Countries where children are dying because they have no food,didn't God divide and multiply way back when with his so called miracle's,why doesn't he do it now! and how can he let defenseless little children be raped and left in some hole dead,to me that is the most horrible thing that can happen,and he can't lift his almighty little finger to help out! I can go on and on,and I won't even go into myself,I used to be an alter boy in the early 70's and went to Church all the time,as years have gone on I began to become disgusted with the almighty super power,I think it's time we need a change just like we elect a new President,we need a new God ,someone who CARES ABOUT PEOPLE AND WILL HELP THEM,I think I have said enough I don't want him to strike me down,not just yet!

you sure know your bible unfortunately so do i, i think your right he killed imperfect humans in his own name. one of the commandments was not to kill and he had already broken that rule repeatedly.there are so many contradictions in the bible one second he is telling you that he is merciful and he forgives all sins if repent full but then he refuses to listen to you if you sin. all he does is cause pain and confusion and **** up all our lives.