I Don't Believe That There Is A Loving God, But Whatever Exist I Hate It

I had this saying from last year in my own personal stuff: If such a "GOD' exist. I expect better than what I already see in this life. I expect evidence that any such 'GOD' even exist. I expect any such 'GOD' willing to provide more than meagerness in which I haven't seen happen. I don't need others making me gullible to what is ignorance going on in this world already.  And right now I see more situations working against me, then for and with me where I like to have things going in my life right now. It's very annoying and I don't like it. Anything likely to Exist, is making a reputation with me as to Hating it. And with this, I am wanting to make it known! (I want something good to be happening right now and it's not.)

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2 Responses Feb 13, 2010

good begins to reign in our lives when we come to jesus christ, he says if you believe in god believe also in me, i give you peace not like the world gives, i have overcome the world and deprived it of all its power to harm you. that is why john called him the lamb of god, the sacrifice the one who stands in front of us to protect us from harm, he, if you allow him to take away your sins, and make him your savior, you will get many good things, i do, i have protection, and many blessings come my way, because i confess him as my savior every day... read the book of romans and take it for yourself.

I feel the exact same damn way. Even when I used to play the lottery it was like damn. I spent 2 years and nearly 2000 dollars just to try and win 500 dollars. It just really pissed me off and revealed to me how many damn times something wrong can actually happen in your life ****. Honestly I feel like whatever is that keeps warring against me is such a ******* ******* up or down there. You would think I was a damn child molester as a result of all the bad karma I've endured. I've just simply wanted to get my **** together so that I can help others for this short *** time I'm on earth but NOPE I'm too damn busy wondering about menial BS like where my next meal is coming from and I'm educated and work hard. I mean damn...My prayers to you. IN WHOMEVER your prayers could actually be answered by,, without you receiving undeserved damnation. Maybe I should just say break a leg.