God Is A Twisted Bastard

I have experienced heart break in my life. Nothing like 3 weeks ago. I am 52 years old and had pretty much given up on any chance of true love. The God sent her to me. A girl I went ot school with that I had always been interested in, but could not get anywhere. She contacted me on Facebook, then on Skype. We started sharing and talking so much. We fell so much in love that we thought that they would make a movie about us.


I thought that god had finally given me a chance at happiness and true love. All I could do was think about her and even a day away from her was tough. I was the happiest person in the world!!

We got engaged on New years eve this year. Without warning, 3 weeks later, she ended it by e-mail. I attempted suicide and the twisted, perverted **** called god wouldn't even let me suceed in that.

 All I do is cry and no longer want to live. He gave her to me and took her away. I can't work, I can't sleep and I do not want to go on. But the pervert keeps me alive just so I can continue to suffer. He is such a coward. I have demanded that he face me, but he ignores me. I cry out WHY?? but there are no answers. I cry out to help me, but he isn't there.


I hate him and I want him to know what sufering he causes and is clueless of. I wish he he was dead.

iitywybad iitywybad
51-55, M
1 Response Feb 13, 2010

Good.<br />
<br />
If you can be nothing or god's worse enemies, which one would you choose?<br />
<br />
If I could choose, I'll choose neither.<br />
I''ll rather be God's worst nightmare. <br />
<br />
That's if he truly exist at all.