I Am So Glad This Group Is Here...

Cause all of my friends love that place, but I absolutely HATE going there.  First of all, you always spend more money than you need to with bullshit stuff you don't need.  You are always waiting in a long damn line, and when you get up there, the cashier is always an ***...  People act like retards in the parking lot, and you run into people that you do not want to see!!

Those are just a few, lol!
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5 Responses Apr 1, 2012

You think it's bad shopping there try working there lol

Go to Target.
It is not as crowded, the stores are cleaner, the women are better looking and the clerks are friendlier, at least they appear to be.

Oh but the people watching is off the chain! lol

I've never been there! Now I'm curious...

Lucky... lol!

My daughter loves it there ...yuk ...

I feel your pain, like I said, all of my friends love it there... luckily, my husband hates it too!