Ok so I am sick of goin to Wal mart with someone and losing them.I have walked miles around that store looking for my mom in particular.I get so annoyed and turn into a complete *****, especially when someones kids are running the store,knocking things over and pushing me out of their way(if my kids did this,they would be in big trouble!).I hate it when people stop their carts right in the middle of the busiest aisle and strike up an extended conversation.I hate it but like so many others I keep goin there for the cheap prices.@#$!%*&#!!!
blackcat blackcat
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2 Responses Jun 11, 2007

Oh, I hate WalMart and can only go in early or late hours. If you leave your cart alone to go potty or because you can't go down the aisle with all the chatting peeps, someone will whisk it to customer service and put your stuff away. It's horrible.

I'm there with you - LOL