Wellll In The End

turns out it wasn't so bad. I had been really pissed off at them for forgetting that when I registered at the doctor's surgery I wrote on the form that I will not be examined by a male. Then found out on Monday that the appointment for the E.C.G. was with someone called Richard. >_< Of course when I found that out I was standing at the front of a queue of about ten people, and I was not going to say "excuse me but I did state when I registered here that I am not comfortable having examinations from a MALE.", not in front of everyone.. I mean it's humiliating enough writing that on the form, it's humiliating enough saying it to one person, I'm certainly not going to feel comfortable saying it in public in front of every other ****** in the waiting room. >_> Ended up crying about that for a couple of days leading up to going for my E.C.G., just don't think it's fair that I have to say that stuff, then get ignored, then have to say it again.
As it turned out, this "Richard" was not creepy at all, in fact for a guy he's quite nice lol. He's actually also a receptionist at the clinic and he's always been my favourite receptionist lol. I didn't know he was also a nurse there too. It wasn't too bad being made to ***** down to my waist even though he's a male. He didn't creep me out at all which is great. And the E.C.G. readings said my heart function was normal, not skewed by being reallyyy nervous lol.
So then Richard was asking why I was having an E.C.G. lol, I didn't really know either, but we figured out it was to check the effect of the first lot of meds I had been given to see if I could go on the other lot I was waiting for.. and a bit of digging through the computer let us know what the other medication was.. and he was able to go and get a G.P. to prescribe that for me. So I now have a new depression & anxiety med, as well as my med for my Raynaud's.
The new anxiety and depression med makes me vomit, though.. and I feel sick this morning even though I took it over 12 hours ago. =/  Being on meds really sucks.

TheLuckyHobo TheLuckyHobo
31-35, M
Jan 18, 2013