Home Is Just Not For Me

i hate going home after school all i do is fight with my mom we dont get along and i try but she pushes me to where i just get mad but i hope it gets better!! i always come up with things to do so i dont have to go home!!! my mom dont want me to go to church!!=[ i try so hard to listen but there are them times when i wanna just UGH.....but i only have a year till i get out but who knows then to where wiill i go????

my life is really hard no on knows the whole story but one person thats it and i cant telll anymore its just to riskie..=[ but i will say i hate going home@!!!!!!=[

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18-21, F
2 Responses Nov 10, 2009

darling the easiest way to not argue is to not reply. Fighting destroys love until it stops then the love can grow. A lot of times parents forget what it was like when they were kidsbut chances are your mom was just like you are now and she maybe trying to stop you from going through what she did. You know what makes you mom angry so try not to push her buttons just to cause a fight. If she is the argumentative one just do not reply WALK AWAY= no more fight, no more hard feelings LOVE can grow Try looking at things from her point of view in 5 years you will look back on this and laugh about it. LOVE Samantha

Darling I do not know what all you fight with your mom about so what i am going to say may be way off line but i am 61 and I have seen kids and worked with kids and they seem to all have the same problems no matter what country they are in. What is the point of the fight? She is your legal guardian until you turn 18 so why not make it as peaceful as you can. You can express your point of view and they should listen but they will have there way no matter what. My own daughter had horrible fights with her mom as she was growing up. Then when she was 15 she came and lived with me for a year and then they started being friends and they are still friends so on the great plane of life what is the point of arguing with them.<br />
Listen learn say yes to acknowledge if it is reasonable do what ever once you old enough to move out then you can do what you want when you want but for now keep the peace and live a happy life. Samantha