This Time Round Is Getting Ridiculous The Cost July 2012

Now it seems I can't go through 3 Months without more Infections in my Mouth! 3 Months ago, just trying to pay off the other work done and now I have a Mouth infected again. By roots of my teeth. Teeth that used to have previous work done to them and they come back to haunt me with its Evil.

Why now?  When I went to look for answers, that the answers are just as Horrifying as my Problem has become! Expenses!  That I don't really have.

If the World keeps claiming there is a God. I don't buy into it!  This is Evil!

Here again the only resolution is some God getting Off Its Inimical ways and be Benevolent!  Cause I can't stand this Evil! And I don't see it!

Meantime a world with more Problems than Good. Right! The World revolves around Evil and Making Life here ... the real "Hell"!  Of course I know what the World revolves around ... "Evil and making this Life Hell". Not what I care for!
ChakraSolipsismMGP ChakraSolipsismMGP
56-60, M
Jul 10, 2012