First Time, So Embarrassing

 A short while ago mom decided it was time for me to see a gynecologist for the first time. Mom has seen the same gynecologist since I was born and booked an appointment. Unfortunately, her gyno is a guy and I asked if she could find a woman. Mom is usually fairly understanding and cooperative about most things but to my dismay replied "honey, don't be silly, he's a doctor and I've been going there for 20 years." STOP: People, please don't tell me I am a legal adult and free to make my own decision, can make my own appointments, blah, blah, blah. Now back to the story.

I was given one of those gowns, got undressed, put it on and tried to mentally prepare myself for the unavoidable. So, now for the indignities. There I was, feet in the stirrups, "dressed" in this gown thing. I was so embarrassed I wanted to just die as the doctor inched forward, asked if I was ready (like who IS ready for this??). He then said "relax your knees, (which is simply a nice way of saying spread your legs)"  and lifted the gown. I wished there was some way to just disappear from Earth. Here's this doctor looking, feeling, touching, opening and separating the lips, etc. I don't think I was ever so embarrassed about anything in my life. I've even had bikini waxes but this was so different. At the waxing, my sister is there and with the technician we actually make small talk, joke and laugh about it.

It might have been "better" with a woman doctor, but I don't know how much "better." You would think in this day and age with medical technology as it is they could just scan us or something rather than be all spread open and all.

Closing thought; is gynecologist just a politically correct term for vagina doctor??
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add me please

I'm sorry you had a unpleasant experience at your gyno however look on the bright side you could have gotten aroused awkwardly or peed on the gyno table while in stirrups or something equally unpleasant

Yeah...I always worry about farting...ugh.

You get used to it. I was the same way until I went 2 times been going for 20 years now and It becomes no big deal. Mine is a male, went to a female once, didn't like her at all, she was very unsympathetic, rough, and her nails were long.

Long nails? Ouch.

So I got to look forward to this omg

Yes. It's even worse than when the dentist says "open wide."

I hear you, just too formal and not relaxed

I'm glad I dont have to go to a gyno!

Yes, you guys are lucky.

We have proctologists.......

Ouch that sounds even more embarasing... And thinking of it I would have to visit soon... ouch again

Yep or Puzzy doc. Lol.
Really you shouldn't be embarrised at all you young and your Vagina make you at least recognized, as a woman do be proud of what you have. It's really beautiful.

Politically correct term for doctor of sex parts.

I agree with you that "medical technology" is at best crude, for male and female. I have had procedures where it appears that some of the nurses delight in pain infliction. But, that said, what you went through has in fact saved some women's lives. I do agree, it might be more comfortable with a female doctor. Good luck.

My sister used to call them
THE **** DOC
just to see if people around her were listening or paying attention.

Deepending on the state of legal age. Which is sometimes 16. You have the right to choose between male or female dr. And if they dont have one that day. They are legally responsible to provide you with a female nurse to accompy the dr. During the exam.

This is the doctor my mom was using for almost 20 years. She made the appointment. I had a female nurse in the room. I don't understand all of this legal explanation especially as part of my story it specifically says don't tell me I'm a legal adult etc. But thanks anyway for the reply.

lol! good thing my gyno is a female : )

You write well, making an embarrassing experience rather humorous.

I am an amateur gynecologist, can I have a look?

You'll have to use your imagination. How about a rate-up??

Not had the pleasure yet and am in no hurry.

i go with my wife to the gyno as i love for her to be seen. she not as kinky as me but indulges where she can

My wife has a male OB/GYN, and she has never felt embarrassed going to him. I think it is that she is part exhibitionist. She has never blushed if someone othjer than me sees her naked. I think she enjoys it. As for me, my urologist, the one who did my vasectomy, is female. Wouldn't have any other way.

I have two female urologists and a female family doctor. I would MUCH rather be examined by one of them that to be examined by a male doctor. I have been able to have candid discussion with both of my urologists about my erectile dysfunction, and both have offered treatment options. I have tried to have similar discussions with my male doctors, but they have just blown me off. Part of my comfort with my female care-providers comes from the fact that I am a bit older, and they are genuinely interested in helping me. I am not just another number.

All the doctor's specialty titles are derived from either Latin or Greek, so it has nothing to do with being "politically correct". I have a hematologist (blood doctor), a dermatologist (skin doctor) and a urologist (urinary tract doctor).

Dude, it was a half-hearted attempt at humor.

and, I have a......Sabaru !

I remember my first time too. No other way to phrase it, it was embarrassing.

yes, that's what it is alright.

my wife also hate gynecoplogic

Being a Male, I´ve always gone with my wife to support her. If It was me as male going to a check on my private parts, I would rather have the opposite sex doing it. Having another man touching me down there would be really weird and unconfortable. I would rather have a woman doing it. I´m not saying it would not be weird, but definetly better than a man.

All I can say is, that men love what's between your legs, even a Dr. learn to be proud of your assets and proud to spread and show.

better to be safe. there is so much suff going around.

As a virgin I would not be catching the "stuff going around."

There are non transmitted diseases that go around and other associated problems that if discovered early on, they pose very little if any risk.

It's never fun for any of us, but it's good to be careful about health issues. Catching things like cancer early can make all the difference. Have been to both a male and a female gynecologist, the later for some years now. She's a wonderful lady and even though I've got to know her somewhat, it's still not exactly a fun visit to make.

As far as new technology, they have greatly improved the equipment for doing mammograms. The old style machines were quite uncomfortable. So, maybe there is hope that there will eventually be improvement for doing gynecological exams?

You are correct of course. Everyone says it does get a little easier each time. This was my first time and I'm sure the doctor forgot "what I looked like" the minute his next patient stepped in but I still remember him. It was just such a weird, awkward and embarrassing experience, you can add whatever other words that are applicable too.

lol At least he didnt have an inept nurse with him and becayse of her had to leave the room to look for something while you were on the table with your legs spred and a speculum up inside

I should add I about laughed myself silly when that happened to me at my first gyno appointment. It was just too ridiculous not to laugh.

OMG, that would have sucked.

It sounds worse than it was. It wasn't so bad really, I wasn't in pain and it was just me, myself and I in the room:-)

Males have a better understanding. You are in good shape.

very realistic what u said !

very funny, but is true for the girls specially at your age.<br />
well it will look normal after you become mother. <br />
<br />
really funny<br />
thanks for sharing it, dear

Vagina doctor = funny.