That Is Why I Don't Go!

I remember I got a pap smear and a whole physical once(different thing),it was literally not even five minutes I don't even know what the huge deal is about it is definitely not a pleasant experience but you don't have to get it often.But man I tensed up when my dr inserted the speculum owww I remember my **** hurt after too.And the gel they put on was freezing too!But hey the dr warns you that they will be inserting the duck bill thing inside of your cooch. I got that done three years ago and I don't really plan for another visit there is more important health issues to look after than my female problems.And girls who say their dr is fingering them needs to get over themselves every woman is required to get this done they are feeling your uterus,I never felt like my dr was doing anything but her job.Oh I went to a Gynecologist and she didn't even help me with my issue she was so busy it took months to hear back for her and she had alot of patients to deal with.I hate having female issues to discuss oh well it is part of womanhood lmfao.It isn't that bad but I don't feel it is necessary to go few times a year. 
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Jan 18, 2013