Movies Bore Me

I really don't like going to the movies. Movies aren't as good as they used to be and they drag on forever. I don't have ADD in any other aspect of my lfie, but I can not sit through these movies. That on top of the skyrocketting price of movies, has kept me out of the theaters for a long time. Except for Borat. Borat was an exception.

I'm waiting to see a recent movie that is worthy of the $10 and two and a half hours it costs to see it.
Rexxar Rexxar
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2 Responses Nov 9, 2006

I LOVE movies. Some of them have become over-sensationalized..what with all the advancements in special effects and all that. But, some of them are actually really good. I believe that movies are actually real-life glorified. I think most people tend to think it's backwards....and think that our lives are supposed to be like the movies we watch. But, The Color Purple, What Dreams May Come and Love Actually are three of my all-time favorite movies. I like dramas...and comedies. How bout The Full Monty? That was a pretty good one.<br />
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Ahhh... I guess movies aren't for everyone!