I Love Staying Home..

Yes, I hate going to work. I have never liked it. I have even hated going to school and college.

I understand it's necessary to earn money but I hate when I have to sacrifice the things I like and do something else for others.

I like saying at home, reading books, painting, playing games, watching some good movies. it's so boing to go out and work. it's not that I hate all jobs. I like teaching. when it comes to teaching, I don't get tired. but I know it won't be my full time job.

I hate sitting at my desk, receiving calls, dressing in formal attire and all the office atmoshpere. I see some people enjoy work, but I am not one of them. I work passionately buy only for myself, not for money. I really envy people who do something creative and don't fall into this ratrace.

I love my home sweet home. :)


Titan007 Titan007
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2 Responses Jul 11, 2010

Political correctness, health and safety, moronic management and unessesary paperwork are the main reasons i hate going to work.<br />
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In fact i haven't been to work for two years now because my last job made me hate it so much i decided to learn a builing trade with a view to working for myself.<br />
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Guess what? Learning a trade is just as much of a nightmare as doing an office job. The last government introduced such a ridiculous amount of legislation that you end up forking out an absolute fortune for the tickets you need to work legally. <br />
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It makes me laugh. The government are constantly stressing that there's a shortage of skilled trades people in the UK but it's hardly a wonder when you find out what you need to do to become one.<br />
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Anyway off topic, Work sucks!!! I'm with you on that.