Some People Really Should Not Be Supervisors/managers

You know, its a shame when you go to work, do your damn job, and yet your "boss" still ******* a gripes.  How the hell she became a "supervisor" in the first place, i'll never know.  It's like she sucked hella **** or something.  She is a rude, tyranical, over bearing *****.  Might i add, ignorant beyond stupid as hell.  I mean, all this ***** knows how to do is talk behind other people's backs, yell at people (which she stopped trying with me, im bipolar as hell), and demean others. 

Here we are in a meeting about why we as skip tracers cant find the debtors.  Im like, "Look at the economy.  Look at how many people are getting evicted every month.  Look at how many people are losing their jobs.  What can "'i" do about that?"  I cant locate and track what people dont have.  Come On!!!  Personally, i've gotten to the point that when i do locate someone's employment, bank account, or new residence, i hate having to give that info over to my company.  I hate doing what i love to do at my job.

By now she's pissed but to make a long story short, she was furious with me when i just walked out on her "yo ho, im a supervisor, i control other people" raid.

I cant wait until i can get the heck out of there....  It's like, you go to work to do your job for nothing.  Like you dont matter while youre their.  Like all of your efforts are never good enough. 

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Feb 11, 2009