I've been at the same job for over 4 years. Almost got fired twice,each time I was given ultimatums,impossible tasks,and weekly check in meetings to ask how my hunt for a new job was going. I fought,worked my *** off,and kept the job. Last month will be the 3rd and possibly last time I'm threatened,cause I'm sure they're done with me. I have ADD among other things,so I'm often grossly misunderstood. I accept that I'll spend the rest of my adult life having to prove myself,if I keep working in the field that I'm in. I'm sick of being told that I should do "easy" jobs,like fast food or part time at the mall. I'm not a child,and I'm not an idiot! Thing is,what's the point of working for a place that doesn't want me there? I love what I do,hate feeling like a lesser person among my peers.
PurpleOfDoom PurpleOfDoom
Aug 19, 2014