Bye Bye Best Friend...

I am used to being an outcast and a loner wherever I go. I don't mind it, though, because I've come to embrace my wierdness. Before I came to my international boarding school, I felt like I would never amount to anything because everyone (including my teachers) in my old school made me feel like an inferior being. However, all of that changed when I switched schools. All of a sudden, I felt like I was put in a crowd of more mature and intelligent people who understood me. I instantly made friends and did things I would never had gotten a chance to do had I never come here in the first place...

I have made some of the best friends in the world here. I know two of them will be my friends for life because I instantly clicked with them and they offered their selfless love to me whenever I needed them.

I graduated from high school yesterday and am not looking forward to saying goodbye to them at all.

I have to go back to my small town where I pretty much hate (almost) everyone because of the way they treat(ed) me...
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You are more high school! I haven't met too many people that have gone to boarding school. But what I really want to know is.......tell me/us about your weirdness! Cool!

LOL for starters, when I was in 4th grade, I started this thing called the FGR (4th Grade Rocks) where we basically went around the school collecting rocks from the playground and trying to sell them to other students. In elementary school, I used to have my own "singing group" during recess. When the rest of the kids were out playing, eating, or beating each other up, we climbed the monkey bars and sang random songs 2 of my old best friends and I wrote on the top of our lungs. I was always fighting with the "popular" kids, even back in elementary school. Sometimes it got physical...

That's cute! I like rocks and have a ton of cool gems, tiger's eye, quartz, you name it. FGR...haha! I can see these girls singing a song at the top of their lungs screaming some funny little lyric!!

Haha we had some really, really stupid lyrics. There was a song about the Earth breaking titled "If the Earth Broke" and basically we talked about how if the Earth broke, we'd have to move to Mars.

haha! Good! Moving to Mars has an appeal to me.

It does to me too! Or at least it did...back then :)

I read a book on how the USA could get to Mars within 10 years. It quite impressive and he had great arguments as to why we should go. I liked the part about being far less rules and regulations on mars than in the USA!

Haha!! That sounds like an awesome book :DD I need to read it sometime.

I have to figure out what the title was. I don't have it anymore but I'll try and discover what it is so you can be the fist astro girl to Mars!

Yes!!!! :))

I found it! It's called, "The Case for Mars" by Robert Zubrin. This is funny..someone on EP just posted a question about going to Mars. This is a great book and I devoured it.

Is it a short story or a novel?

It is a very DENSE book, RC! it's a non-fiction, step by step guide on how a 10 year plan could work to colonize the red planet. I skipped a chapter on the math equations, but the rest was captivating. I just called a used book store and had them set it aside for me.

....wait. Whoa. I need a summer to read this one then.

Yes, not a good breezy book at all! This is for when you are ready to volunteer to be on the next flight out at any cost. Save it for when you are ready. IN the meantime, watch "Red Planet", my favorite guilty pleasure movie about going to Mars!

Alright! Will do! :)

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