Ok. Hate Is A Strong Word...

but come on!  The english language is ridiculous.  Nearly impossible to get right all the time because of it's absurdity.  Can't we just stick to using the right definitions to words, start using phonics only, and insert puncuation where our hand gestures would be if we were speaking out loud? This would make it much easier for me as I am not stupid, but I do suck at spelling and grammar.  Grr...  I will stick with math.
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@ AlmostAristotle: That's probably because I'm so paranoid I'll be attacked by the GNs. Lol :p<br />
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@ petitbrunette: That's true! Thank you. I don't feel so bad now! Lol :D <br />
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@ Tsunami3: Oh, damn! Lol. Now that's embarrassing! Especially, since I know that! See!?! I was so worried about getting everything right I botched the simplest of...chit! Crap...did I spell simplest right? Hey? Can I say I did it on purpose to see if anyone was paying attention? ;p<br />
PS<br />
I know it's not chit. I was just trying not to be rude :) As far as being perfect...at one time I was bent on the idea. Then I realized that perfection was an illusion and trying to do everything perfectly was causing me major stress. I don't know. I could be off my nut, but that's what I thought at the time. I'm much happier not worrying about being "perfect". Now I just do my best. Damn, I hope I didn't make too many mistakes this time. Lol

English should be capitalized. "It's" means "it is". These things are not hard to learn. You don't have to be perfect, but shouldn't you want to be?

OK...it's fixeded! ;p

Lol. You know...? I knew grammatically was a word and was joking and I had spelled absurdity this way originally and it didn't look right so I changed it. Lol Phonics...nuf said! ;p

Yes I think grammatically is a word. <br />
Absurdity is spelled with an A though.<br />
I'm not a Nazi! haha<br />
You communicate very well! As far as I can tell. :D

Lol. Must be a family thing. I can express myself no problem. Doing it grammatically correct is another story. Wait...is grammatically a word? ;p

I can think of the words and what to say but I can't spell it or put together sentences.

100% agree! I always asked people to bloody use punctuation marks so I can understand what they exactly mean. And I don't like 'txt msg' writing style.