Im in ove."But" I choose to stay to see if I will ever be more then just a burden. "Your" Worthless" Mother.r my head better off dead. You tell me Im worthless "Your" Worthless" Mother.Im falling futher away the yelling and the fighting Your Worthless Mother.I cause you to cry so much hate in this house Your Worthless Mother.You know my great fear of being sent away to leave what I call home Your Worthless Mother.If I am so worthless to you then why do I stay here. Your Worthless Mother. I feel so hurt I know I mean nothing that you dont care Your Worthless Mother So I was born with Health issuses that apparently dosen"t stop you. Im really worthless Im helpless,Im useless. Just a ***** with an attitude I thought so many times I hurt you causing you so much pain Your Worthless Mother. "But" you dont know how much it hurts to hear what you say to me.Why cant you accept me for who I am. I dontnow all I know is that Im nothing thats all you say. Your never happy about meher. When was the last time you said something nice.Maybe I should say Good bye to this hell... Make you and daddy happy. "But" not to another home, some place else A place you will never know. Some place where I can find myself. Who I am inside ". "Your WorthlessMotherBut" I choose to stay to see if I will ever be more then Your burden Your Worthless Mother.......Well that is my story.....Anto815
Anto815 Anto815
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Thank you it really means so much to me for you saying that. I hear it all the time after awhile you truly believe it if you hear it enough If you would like would you message me so we may talk? Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks again for reading.

No one is worthless, just some people less outgoing, more humble even for applying themselves out there in this confusing chaotic world. But NO ONE IS WORTHLESS and do not ever let someone to convince U about it..