Groupings = Frustration

I always end up doing everything!

I really, REALLY hate it!

I also found out that my closest friend in the group is a reliant hag who does nothing other than complain. I guess she provides some "moral support" through her presence but other than that, she's useless and even makes criticisms that I have to endure! (because we're friends)

I feel so stressed whenever I'm assigned in groups.

This is why I can never hate leaders since they tend to do EVERYTHING.

My wrists hurt from working on the mouseless keyboard.

I don't even feel like leaving this computer anymore.

I really HATE groupings!

And if you're gonna tell me that "it's because I don't disseminate jobs properly" that I'm being overloaded -- HOW CAN I DISTRIBUTE THE JOBS WHEN THEY CAN'T DO IT. As in, they really CAN'T. They don't have the skills/knowledge to use graphics/audio editing software.

Oooh.... And that "friend" is probably complaining now because her house if far and we might as well go home late tonight because the dubbing isn't done yet.

Sigh.... Sometimes I really regret knowing stuff others don't.... Having skills others don't have..... because I'm suffering because of this. They give all the jobs to me..... And I can't really complain because they CAN'T do anything. Furthermore, the most annoying thing of all -- is that they don't seem to really LISTEN to me. Argh! I HATE GROUP ACTIVITIES!!!!

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2 Responses Mar 14, 2009

i wish it can help, let your friends choose and they take the responsibilities for the outcome. and it also save you a lot of time and work.

Thanks for being able to relate camael.<br />
I really appreciate it since this problem constantly plagues me cause I am the one who ends up doing most of the work or worrying the most because I'm to be blamed when things go wrong.<br />
I wrote that story when I was granted temporary escape from doing the work because I had to e-mail something to our groupmate who was away (still related to our project though). I thought I would just scream and scold someone (and destroy my reputation) if I couldn't express myself.<br />
Sigh... It feels good being able to say how I really feel. I once said "Love is stupid" at school and was reminded of it 3 months later!<br />
I love EP! :D