I Believe There's An Evil In Every Gun

My brother have it at home one is a small hand gun made in chezh, another is a beretta(am not sure), at our house in our bedroom, and I know the exact place he put them
I hate the guns, and bring me some fear to be near guns ( I mean fire gun)
Maybe it silly things But I believe there is an evil spirit inside every gun,that make ppl want to try
To use it, in things, animals or even human, my brother use to clean it himself, and asked me to helped him,once
He forced me to hold it,"don't b coward" he said while put that in my hand, it was heavy, and cold, make my hand trembles
He laughed "he pointed the gun by using my hand, to his chest, it was a freaked out moment for me,I can't let it go coz he
Pressed his hand in mine, "pull the trigger, its empty, try that" command me, I said "no!" But he forced my. One finger and
I thought I was bit colapsed idk but I can hear the sound click over and over again, but he still there alived, and grinned,"u can use that if u not in d mood with me" he laughed,
the gun is still in my hand, I look at it closely, then pointed to my head "and if I don't have a mood with my self", my brother eyes
Wide open,he grabbed the gun from hand, "what r u thinking??" Then put it in box again
I still believe there is an evil spirit in it..
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Well a gun, is it evil?

Well a grenade, is it evil?

Well a tank, is it evil?

Well a cruise missile, is it evil?

Well a nuclear weapon, is it evil?

Infinity may bring the answer.

The evil you think of the gun
is in the might to take life.

Some people fall for this might.

One, there's no evil in the gun. There is only evil in the person using the gun, and even then, I believe good can be found in every person.

Also. No. The Portal Gun is PURE AWESOMENESS.

You type like a fool or speak like one as well. I sure guns get out at night and go kill people. As Dr. Frankenstein said "Its Alive!!!" Your Sir are doomed the gun is waiting for you. You should go jump off a bridge so the gun does not kill you.

There cannot be evil in a gun. A gun is a piece of metal. Drunk drivers in cars kill more people every weekend than guns do. Should we ban cars? I've had guns for decades and not one single bullet harmed a human being. Guns cannot be evil, cannot have evil in them, only people can do that. I have a truck outside. I have a hammer in it. The man in front of me is alive because I have not decided to get my hammer, and in front of all these people who would not question me, walk over to him and smash him in the head and kill him. It would take me less than thirty seconds to kill him. But He will leave in peace, as I will, not because of the gun that is in my car but because I as a human being bear him no ill will.

There are many more evil spirits, I think, but there are also good spirits. Guns used by police to protect people gain some quality from their use in that way. <br />
<br />
In Asian mythology there has always been the dichotomy of the the sword that takes life and the sword that gives life. To me, guns are the same thing. A criminal's gun is just as evil as a criminal's sword. The gun of a dedicated, honest, police officer is just as good as the sword of a noble warrior. This is my opinion.

I cannot agreed more :) thats what I've been tpld in my culture myth , thanks for ur comment

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Carrying is a huge responsibility and one that should not be taken lightly. A wise person knows their limits. If you don't trust yourself to make good decisions, then not carrying is wise of you. I still don't think guns are evil but sure can be used for evil. Be safe and pray hard.

I know that guns r only tools and cannot think by itself (lol) my titled above is reffered to asian myth about evil spirit that lived in every guns,since kids I used to lived around ppl who loved guns, my partner also a gun lover, I don't hate ppl who like and have guns as long as the person is responsible to it, I just don't like gun my self, and I respect all opinion :)

guns will ALLWAYS be in bad people hands. get your own gun and practice so you can defend your self and your love ones. gun laws only hurt good people because there the only ones that will obay the laws. bad people will still have them. gun crime is always higher in places with gun control laws. my hand gun is on me 24/7 for my protection and maybe yours.

Thanks 4 comment :), actually its very easy 4 me 2 get gun, I have relative in that business legally, I could have an AK 47 if I want 2 but what 4??? I might hurt my self by having those since I doubt d stability of my mind. *But I respect ur choice

It is true that a gun cannot fire itself. However, if someone is predisposed to be violent, and there is a means to do so, they are more likely to. Most people are not like this, but if a violent person acquires a gun (whether or not by legal means) they can seriously hurt someone. Also, although there are many tools with which to hurt someone, guns are perhaps the most dangerous that the average person would come across. The more guns there are, the more likely it is that one will fall into the wrong hands.

well spoken friend, I just mean when we have that one at home 4 whatever reason there's always been a chance of a bad accident would happen, like children, or depressed ppl (like me lol), or other, and honestly when the gun is in ur hand would have atleast once u ever think of using it to some object, for whatever reason(sport, self defence, or worse crime?)

a gun is only as evil as the person who is holding it.

Damn Straight

You are so arrogant. You fail to see that only a small percentage of people use guns as weapons. Many thousands of people use them as a sport. They arnt evil, its the person that uses the gun as a weapon who is evil. I hate people who think guns are bad. Open your eyes. A gun NEVER picks its self up and shoots someone. Its the person who does that. You anti gun people should be ashamed, thinking of only the negative.

I thought its someone right to choose wether to like or hate it, am not hate ppl who have gun, I just tell my feeling bout it, my belief, am not mean to offense anybody, even I dont care if u going to use ur gun for what!! so dont said ppl arrogant , look in the mirror