Dumb Gun Owners

The trouble with the people in the USA is they don't understand its not 1770 any more Indians will not scalp you there is no need for them ,we have armies and the police for that .
If you say i need a gun because a criminal has them well ,thats the point you have more of a chance getting killed because you have one as well ...its that wild west thing lets have a shoot out .
Any one that feels a need to own a gun is Dumb full stop ...you either have the want and need to kill something or the just in case kill some one one day.
The day i see Stephen hawking own a gun i will not change my mind, the stupid test is i want a gun ...i shake my head i feel pity for the people in the USA as i know you are a lost cause ..more children will die because a fool can own a gun ..guns kill because gun owners are morons .
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The autism is too strong to attempt to reason with

What's the saying, "when seconds count, the police are always minutes away."

Thank you for supporting The Holocaust! People are much easier to kill once self defense is outlawed! :)

Well when your moronic commander in chimp calls for a huge cut to the federal budget and city's and states have less budgets to work with and if you are still fallowing moron. That equals less police on the streets longer response times and the fact we keep letting violent mentally Ill people out of our correctional facilities everyday that those who wish to arm themselves responsibly have the right to do so. It always puts a smile on my face when people like yourselfs the high and mighty anti gunners have a run in with these folks and have their way with you. Don't like guns tough ****. No better yet eat ****.

Is this even English?

So you don't even have the guts to say your name, instead file this bogus story anonymously.

You're a moron... what happens when the armies and police forces turn on you and the rest of the civilian population.. uh oh. You may think I'm crazy for saying that, but Thomas Jefferson stated himself that one of the main reasons for the second amendment was to keep power to the people, for a disarmed population is a slave population.

"f you say i need a gun because a criminal has them well ,thats the point you have more of a chance getting killed because you have one as well.
That's the most moronic thing I heard my entire life.

I don't have the want, or need to kill someone or something just because I have a gun. I have a gun in order to defend myself properly against anyone who violently attacks me or forces entry into my property.

Three men decide to break into house at night are you really going to wait the five to ten minutes it will take for the police to get their. Or will you take matters into your own hands and properly defend what is yours, your life, your family, your land.

Oh god not you again!!!! It's not an unknown fact that Jefferson had slaves.... So what? So did Washington and the rest of the founders... That was the way of life back then. What ****** me off is the fact that folks of African decent still feel they are owed something because they're black. Slavery was abolished over 100 years ago. They were also given the right to vote over 50 years ago.

If MLK could see how some folks are living and even speaking today he'd probably shoot himself.

generalize much?

I'm one of many americans that agree with that!

What a troll.