Trying To Trick A Lesbian

ok, im gay and when i go into lesbian chat rooms there is a large group of looming men pretending to be female, there is always ways to catch them out as usually the first thing out their mouth is sexual. now i know there will be some women out there that think like that but generally we just want to chat and get to know each other. the guys trip themselves up further when i have a conversation with them and they keep changing their information. quite laughable, but also very annoying!
freedomchaser24 freedomchaser24
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4 Responses Jul 23, 2010

The worst thing about guys who do that is they make it much more difficult to be a transgendered lesbian online, because people assume you're just a guy faking it.

Yeah, and they ALWAYS turn the conversation sexual in the first two lines... riiiiight.

I think they just get jealous that you guys are tryin to keep all those BE-AY-UTE-I-FUL bresseses all to yourselves! That, and the anonymous nature of the net makes it possible to "act" like anything your imagination can come up with. Think about how WE feel when as a hetero man, we chat with these same stealth freaks and they proposition US (as women) and then we find out their big (or little) secrets. LOL

maybe not QUITE as bad, but you see a lot of str8 guys in gay chat rooms - don't know exactly why - maybe 'trying on a role' for size. No surprise that gay (men) chat rooms are primarily sexual but I'll tell you, having someone PRETEND he knows about -you know 'what do do next' gets real old, real fast...