You Aren't That Hard To Figure Out

Seriously... since I first came to EP I have found guys who are here pretending to be women.  The really sick thing is that you aren't that hard to figure out.  You generally give yourself away quite fast... and the reason is simple.  You are only here to talk dirty.  You have no interest in women for any reason other than sex play... so within a minute you are trying to be coy and asking me what I did with my wife last night... what I fantasize about... or you are telling me about how often you masterubate... as if any woman would actually do this.

Just **** off, OK?  You aren't funny, you aren't interesting, and you aren't convincing either.
SaratogaGirl SaratogaGirl
26-30, F
25 Responses Aug 10, 2010

Yeah, i guess they think it's getting one over on us or something... I don't know.

THE INSOLENCE REDHEAD! Do they not know for whom they speak to?!

Share your NACHOS???? What.... what.... BARBARIANS!!!!

can you believe they even ask to share my nachos?!

Cod piece?

Some can be clever but they always give themselves away in the end. I'm not saying how but there's lots of obvious and not so obvious clues.

OH, Is THAT what your pet name for it is.... Thumb... OK.

Yeah, you're still cool in my book, c0w.... even if you DID pretend to be a girl... no one would believe it anyway.<br />
<br />
(Actually I think at least one of your c0ws WAS female, wasn't it?)

Lala... if I have to agree to have the Mister watch, participate, film, self-pleasure, blow a vuvuzela during it... in order to have my fantasy about you and me together... FINE!

Can the Mr watch?

how did you figure me out.? lol<br />
<br />
no i agree with you Sara, i'm such a flirt i believe i have flirted with a couple of guys. lol

OH? Damn... what a **** tease.

Probably the same think I was doing with Pix.... LOL!!!!

Yeah.... just make sure you're alone when you ask... you might like the privacy, ahem!

hehe sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

heh... heh... heh... if you REALLY want to know, lala... you can ask me privately... YOU I would tell....

so, Sara, what DID you do last night with the wifey? ;*<br />
<br />
I get guys asking me when I last had sex with Mr Ninjacakes, I don't even know them

If you have that much cash lying around, you could always share with me.... wink wink nudge nudge

Well...<br />
<br />
::sigh::<br />
I think I should buy an aquarium for my gold fish and use my head as moneybag or rice cooker.

No... I don't hate you Topay, after all, goldfish ate your brain.

I'm an unknown! :P<br />
<br />
And I've a sick mind... Do you hate me?

I'm sure we have some sicko women too, Kitten, but at least we don't start talking about sex in the first two minutes!!!!!

Oh, mesbians are cool! No probs with you dudes! LOL!!!!


Okay........ Okay......... I admit it..... I'm a guy!!!! Just one of your mesbians..... LOL!!!!!