I Sure As Hell Do Hate Them

Of all the sick, depraved, uncalled-for experiences out there, this one ranks near the top, just below murder.  I mean, come on!!!  What the hell kind of skee-rude-up individual, regardless of circumstance, actually thinks they have the right to do this?!!  Why don't we put you up against a champion boxer so you can see how it feels?

My mom married a real lunk-head who hit her occasionally.  Talk about humiliation!  Since I wasn't in my teens yet, there wasn't a whole lot I could do about it, either, except feel helpless and horrified.

I have had to deal with girlfriends who sometimes turned into complete raving lunatics or just started acting ridiculous, for whatever reason.  Know what I did in those instances?  I simply walked -- or sometimes ran -- the other way.  The thought of hitting them even cross my mind.  Women are people too, deserving of the very same dignity and respect bestowed upon men.  

Herein ends my rant.  Thank-you for listening.
UnderEli UnderEli
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2 Responses Aug 10, 2010

Well they grow up around it, they have been conditioned to think it is normal, it doesnt set off bells, that tell a woman, Get the hell out of here!!!! now! you know? You know I grew up in Compton California, when I get into a bad place like East St. Louis ILL or N.E Oklahoma City or even when in LA and end up back in East LA I dont panick and tell whome I'm with get the F out of here, I should, and most people would. But since I grew up there, I'm in just as much danger as anyone is in that area who isnt a gang banger. But cuz I grew up with gangs and all that crap, it doesnt scare me, I dont like it I dont want to live there, I wish it was better, but I dont get the alarm that I should. Wich is get the hell out of here now! I have to assume its the same with these woman? Dont you agree? Bottom line is "If a man will hit you on pourpose even one time, he will never stop

I dont know how to comment. I can just say, that I watched my Father hit my Mom, after a short time, from the age of 8-10ish, finaly he did a realy good job, left our home, (most likely to see a girl friend or get drunk) and when he got back...My mother was in her room, hurting I'm sure, my older brothers and I all got our shot guns loaded and and stood in the front of the house, and my oldes brother16 at the time, told him we would kill him, we didnt care what mom wanted, if he came back, we would kill him in his sleep. He could never sleep in our home again, because sooner or later we would kill him. He did leave. My brothers all grew up to beath thier woman, I did not. I know with out a doubt, that some men are tought chivalry, and to us, it is out of the realm of possiblitlity to Hit a woman, I'v had lots of reason to hit one, have been hit several times, and yes I got away from them women. Yes some woman also learn growing up, that it is OK to hit, others, that does not make it OK to hit them back! I'm not the only one who thinks this way, and of the men I know who act as I do, and feel and think as I do, have brothers who are the other mind set, it is Ok to hit women. I believe with you, it is cowardly, and have never allowed it in my presence. See ya