Watched Once, And Will Never Let It Happen Again.

Watched as a wife was hit several times, went to step in and she begged me not to. Told myself that will never happen again, I will never ever stand back and watch again. Hit a women infront of me and you will pay !!!!!
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If you touched my husband, son or any man I care for, YOU will pay - dearly!!!! I absolutely despise thugs like you who seek to excuse their violence tendencies by claiming they're protecting women.

Yeah it's bitter curious. I have a neighbor that beats his wife. I never see it I just end up hearing about it afterwards. So I can't fly off the handle, I'm just stuck with being pissed.

Depends, if I was beating a guy I'd be insulted if he didn't try ti hit me too.

Wow, that's messed up. You'd rather be hit than insulted? Well look around, there's plenty of men out there for you.

No, I would be insulted/offended if he didn't try to hit me back just because I'm a woman.

Same here, I have no respect for men who won't defend themselves against violent women.

Ah. Well I hope neither happens.

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a man who hits a woman is no man at all,,,<br />
<br />
no place for him in this world,,,

yes i am a victim of abuse, by my older brother. In the beginning of 2011 my brother had physically and verbally abused me to the point i had to go to the hospital for broken finger bruised ribs etc. i dont know if you all have ever been strangled by big massive hands but i have and i saw my life flash before me it happened twice once while i was 8months pregnant was hard because i was forced to live with him. 3days before i moved in my own place he jumped on me and he is now in jail my mom isnt talking to me .....infact my whole family pretty much turned their back on me ....but atleast im happy!>>>>>>>BUT DONT FEEL BAD FOR ME FELL BAD FOR HIS GIRLFRIEND<<<<<<<<<

you know what they say no matter how hard you hit them they all ways land next to the phone.dont start it

Pinkypip- you are so right, but in my case this person ended up seeking help. Hopefully it works for him!!!

You are so right Mug. They will very rarely challenge someone who will fight them.

Abusers of all kinds are cowards, they need to feel strong so they force control on the helpless, it's all about control. You'd never catch them trying that on someone who can fight back.

Light- not my wife, I watched someone that I know man handle and slap his wife. when I went to step in I was told by the wife to please stop.

Why was your wife being hit and why did she ask you not to intervene? I don't understand.

Why was your wife being hit in the first place? I don't understand. Were you being held up? Some background please.

Angel- Thats what we are all on here for, to be able to babble and nobody really knows who we are. Even though I would consider you a friend. Anytime you need to vent you can bend my ear.

I could never watch someone else get hit and not do something. I may be small and not much weight, but I can kick a guy's balls hard. If not for my BF I might not be here. A stalker kept bothering me a couple years ago and tried to abduct me outside my workplace one day. My BF came out at the right time and stopped him. Soooo thankful for him.

Thanks for all the kind comments, never stand and watch atleast pick up the phone and call for help.

Good for you! I hate domestic violence too! If you don't stand for something, you don't stand for anything at all!

That's terrible. It must have been horrible for you to watch and feel like you couldn't do anything to help. I hate that feeling.

You`re a good guy, woman beaters all deserve a good asskicking :P

I always think this is a confusing one. Do you step in and defend her and risk that she will have to take a harder beating when you're gone because you pissed him off and made him jealous or do you stand back and do nothing and then of course, in a way, condone that treatment?

the world needs more men like you... i to was bashed an i see anything like it... it dose really upset me.. before i was put on a dis pen... i was able to stop it if i saw it as a guard... now i dont have any power to step into some one else's that i dont no to stop it...

the moral of the story is dont live on regrets!?. Do what is right, just and fair and if all else fails run. No point in being a dead hero!!!.

you're such a great man. The world bneeds a man like you in every home.

Yes the world does need more like you...same thing happened to friend was getting beat by her boyfriend who lived right down the street from myself and my girlfriend at the time and we left there house one night and I heard him immediately begin beating her, my girlfriend called the cops but I went to their back door because they kept it unlocked, went in, and asked him what the hell he thought he was doing and he came after me, out of reaction I grabbed his guitar and hit him over the head with it, stunned him long enough until the cops got there !! People need to keep there hands to themselves if it is not out of love !! Think about it !!!!

I'm sure you make that well known, LOL.