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My Dad

Tonight is the night I've been waiting for,It's finally hear. My mom drops me off at the church for the Girl Scout lock in. I kiss her and my little brother goodbye, I'm so excited I'm going to earn my Camping Badge tonight,plus it's the first time I have ever spent the night away from home.......

When I get home the next morning the house is all torn up and my mom is crying and my brother is crying.
My dad had hit my mom the night before and tore up the house. Get this all because my mom gave my brother the last grape soda.
He pulled her out of the shower and beat her up because of the last grape soda she didn't know he wanted.

The abuse went on for years,until my mother finally left him...See when a man hits a woman he doesn't just hurt her physically he kills the spirit within her, He also damages the children involved. They will carry the scars long after the abuse is over.

One good thing did come from the situation ...I vowed I would never let a man hit me and my children would never have to live in fear.
That no matter what was going on outside the house they would always feel safe at home and they DO

For any woman that is being abused you are way to VALUABLE to let a man hit YOU!!!
sexxydiva sexxydiva 36-40, F 27 Responses Apr 21, 2011

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What a fecking bully... he is.

Any man that hits a woman is a coward. Domestic violence is a huge problem. I will never put my hands on my wife for no reason at all. Men that hit women are not men at all.

I agree totally!!

hi there dear you are a smart girl there is no reason for a man too hit a women at all my mon was never hit by my step dad but u boys sure wer we took beeting from him for 6 mouth and one day my mom cought him in the act of being very crule to me i was a bed wetter as a chil and he was going to ring my sheets out and warm it on the stove and make me drink it and my brother told on him and my mom cought him warming it and trough him out the house and i never seen him again

Any man, no matter what his reason, is a damn coward and a brute who hits a woman. There is never an excuse. NEVER.

No arguments here,but sadly it happens everyday.

It does and I hear so often that "she just pushed me to it" or "I am under stress" or "she wouldn't stop nagging". I hate it.

Hey I lived it..It's horrible but I survived and honestly learned from it!!

Its amazing you turned out so sweet and sensitive instead of hard and bitter.

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No woman should be have any violence committed to them.

I agree totally!!

love you!!

Love you back!!

I missed this story, but maybe it came across my feed because I needed to read it. This was insightful and thank you for sharing this little piece of yourself and part of what made you the strong woman you are today.

Life growing up wasn't easy but if this can help someone else not to have to endure it or give them the courage to leave then it was worth it to share. I thank you for your kind words and encouragement!!

Your last line is the most important.

Thank you and I agree!

That is a message that should be more widely shared.

Yes it should and I do every chance I get.

you know ive lived that time and time and time again i will never hit a woman ever i do not care what she does i had my ex bite my lip off before 4 stitches in my face an ya know what i did walked away then we went to the hospital only the lowest of the low would strike a woman!!!!

I hate to hear stories like this. I am sorry this ever happened to you. Since it probably didn't get resolved when you were at home, the best you can hope for is that he isn't doing this to anyone now. And that you don't pass this legacy now. Hugs..

In the story I spoke of how I would never allow a man to hit me and how my children will always feel safe!! I did not in anyway pass on that legacy!! Thanks for reading!!

NO man can call him self one if he can hit a woman.

I couldn't agree with you more..Thank You for reading..

Thanks FB that's why I told it...The scars left behind never go away!! So I hope I can help one person if not for herself then do it for her children...:-)

Yes RD Diva's life has been far from easy..Thanks for reading and no sharing wasn't easy but needed...:-)

All over a grape soda she didn't even know he wanted...but sadly that was just one of many...Thanks for reading....:-)

Over a grape soda? That astounds me but that is only one incident.<br />
<br />
"Men" who terrorize their families over insecurities deserve "special" treatment. These days when the police are called in a domestic disturbance someone is getting a ride.

Well this was my real dad but my mom finally did leave him and it was a struggle..However it was better than to live in fear every night. Yes my goal was to make sure my children never endured such nightmares...Thank God they haven't...Thank You so much for reading.I hope these days find you doing better and I wish you nothing but happiness....:-)

No men in my family believes in hitting women but if i ever found one who walked in to marry a cousin or other family member who did i would beat the hell out of him to show how much he would like it maybe then he would learn :P besides you are right it does effect the kids its one of the sad parts about it, my grandmother grew up in a house like that with he father drinking an she still remembers you never forget she says it stay with you. I sometimes wish i was born back then so i could of helped her. But what i don't get is why do the women stay with the men who do it .... you think they would do better to get out of something like that and it just really makes you wonder what does any man get from hitting a women ? It just makes me sick thinking about it man who would do that isn't one at all hes nothing but a coward in my book.

I've forgiven him Uyknas and actually he is a great grand father to my children...But I won't lie it was hard but like I said in my story I Forgive You..I had to for me..

Thanks Girl!! You are pretty amazing too!! :-)

I so understand...Such a sad way to have to live life...

Yes it was hard and it left lasting scars but It taught me many things for one I am a survivor..Always had to be...Thanks for Commenting...

So many experience this tragic reality.<br />
I must remember to thank my parents for who they were and how I was raised. I'm sure I took it for granted.<br />
<br />
Thank you for sharing this Sexxydiva. Some of us really need to look a little closer at the reality others must endure.

sorry to hear that. However , i being a man knows and would say to all men, that man who hits a woman ( no more a weeker sex) is biggest coward. He thinks women has no courage, but actually he does not know if woman decides to give back, he can not stand it.<br />
sorry , and i ( a man) hate all men who hist women

My dad is re-married as well...I have forgiven him but one thing that still bothers me a lot is he treats her like a woman should be treated.....Always hurts that he could not do that for the mother of his children.

no child should ever have to see their mother get beat up or hurt by their father- infact any man! i went through my childhood with my father beating my mom, they would argue over stupid things, like who would take me and my brother to school, who would go shopping, who would make dinner. And he abused my mother infront of us, and my mom always told me that if he ever hurt her infront of me i should never do anything. it was hard, watching my mother get beat knowing i couldn't do anything. My mom left my dad when i was 9, he's now re-married and he see's me every week end. And i am like you- i will never let any man hit me or damage my children was scarey for a while i mean that was only 1 of many times. Such a terrible way to grow up we were so young then .

Again I am so sorry. Please just pass along a legacy of love.

We can't change the past but we can change the future.

I man that would hit a woman is a COWARD and very insecure! WOW,just over a darn grape soda. Thank goodness it wasn't something more than a grape soda,he might have killed her over it. Im sorry you,your mom and brother had to go through this.

yes i second yhat if your bing abused leave before you gethurt more once it starts it doesent stop ever it will always come back again now or years down the line if you are abused your not loved your just an ob<x>ject not a woman no even a person in the abusers eyes get them out of your life <br />
before to much damageis done