Taking Away Her Confidence ..

As a young woman I am full of experiences from this main category. My mom, she was a hard working woman that took care of my little brother an I. But this one guy she started dating, I guess you can say he put on a act in front of our family. For my little brother and I knew him behind closed doors. He told my mom he didn't want her working any more, because he wanted her home when he got home from work. Well as time passed my mom started drinking to ease her nerves I guess that is how I took it. And her boyfriend lost his job took his anger out on my mom. Every night they would sit in the living room and drink. Then he would beat on her. I would witness it every night. I would try to save my mom from it, only to get a bruised cheek. I begged my mother to leave him, she just didn't have the confidence to be an accomplished single mom like she used to be she grew dependent of her boyfriend. It hurt me to see my mother go through that. When she did want to leave she paid the price. Now she is suffering arthritis. Can't walk on her own, uses crutches. She was pushed down two flights of stairs the night she decided to leave him. I love my mother with all my heart. Nobody understands her like I do. I am scared that someday my spouse will end up like that man. I hate hearing stories of men killing their spouse over idiotic reasons. I hope that one day there will be a non violent place. I wouldn't want my kids to see that, how ever the world we live in now is full of violence. To me my moms ex-boyfriend took away my mother, I  can't do most of the things other people do with their mothers. He robbed that from me.
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What a coward to hit on a women. I'm sorry that happened to you and your brother/mother i am sure she is a fine lady but nothing was your fault your were little and not to much you could of done at the time if your mother wasn't willing to leave him before. I know you may never forget it but you should try to make a little peace of it cause its over now you just have to remember that and not let part of your past hold you back because its nothing but just that a past. Anyways i wish you the best.

I did try therapy however i could never seem to overcome this .She has left him a while back actually he was put in jail .She is remarried now and he treats her better than her last .

You have to go to therapy to work out why this is happening to you. Your mom needs therapy too. But first she needs to leave that guy before he kills her.