Fair Play Rules

There will be no stories. My family is free of this. But...Generally, I am observing, what is happening in families. Most of my nationality is declarated as catholics. That means they believe in the God, who gives them some rules, how to live. We are congregated in church. We are used to believe in 7 holy sacraments. And...we are under the rule, that a man is to defend, but not destroy a women. Especially it is required in a marriage. When a man starts to be a husband, he must exchange himself completely. It requires more maturity, deterimnation and...more tender. I beg couples, which are under domestic violence after some weeks after marriage. For me, it is a sign, that they should not have got married in any case. Man and woman shoud recognize themselfes as well as it is possible, before they stay behind an altar. And...they must be counscious about holiness and value of this Sacrament. There is not usual sign on the marriage act, but they are sacrificed by the God. I think necessity of being a defender of woman spread out of being baptised. If you are deeply believing man, keeping yourself in spiritual harmony, it will be good. Generally, when a man hits a woman, it destroys a sense of confidence, a sense of being good, he starts to be an untrustworthy person. This is in the marriagement pledge in curch. Love, faithfulness and honesty. With a pression insisted on this first and the least.An civil pledge: agreement, honesty and durability. Nothing is able to destroy durability of the marriage stronger than domestic violence. I think a man who is able to hit his loved woman after marriage, should have never got married!
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Jan 28, 2012